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Cock and Hen Love

When I was a little boy, I always wanted to grow up fast so I could enjoy the things adults enjoy. But now that I am an adult there are times I wish I could be a kid once again. As we grow old we gain the freedom to be who we really want to be. I remember being asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grow up. At six the answer was a Pilot but when I was twelve and asked the same question, I said a Doctor. Well here I am now a fully trained Filmmaker. My choice of profession way off my childhood dreams. One of the very important things we learn as we grow in life is that nothing happens by chance and everyday the Good Lord gives us breath we make choices that affects us positively or negatively and it is how we deal with these choices and their consequences that define who we actually are. One of the very vital choices we make as individuals is choosing someone to continue your family line with and this involves a great deal. For the past week I have been looking at the way people enter into love relationships and I have realized that a lot of us “fall in love” for the wrong reasons. I took the chance to ask some few lady friends what they seek in a Guy before they date them and believe me the list is like a grocery list. Tall, dark, handsome ,rich, comes from a good home, knows how to treat a woman right, good in bed, among others were prominent in all the lists from the ladies and the Guys also had theirs. Beautiful, Slim, fair, presentable, well mannered and cultured among others. And so the go hunting for the perfect candidate that the person right in front of them who is even ready to lay down his or her life for is not recognized. Yet when they go and their hearts are broken the come and lean on this shoulders and off they go again when they feel their hearts are healed. This has made me draw the conclusion that most of us are in cock and hen relationships. Funny how a guy prepares his notes on how to tell a lady how he feels about her and tries to convince her to be his girlfriend. The rehearsals alone are more than preparing for a job interview. The practice of the tone, the emotions in relation to facial expressions that must come with every word, the choice of clothing, the perfume, the venue are synonymous to the chase done by the cock and that of the lady when she says she needs time to think about it is equivalent to the hen racing away from the cock. And then when the cock and hen mate it happens so fast and short since all that matters is the sex and that is what happens when a lot of people’s expectations are not met in a relationship. Its fast and short just like a Cock and Hen affair. I say this because I believe before you enter into a relationship you should know what you want from that relationship and how far you are willing to go to achieve that. So to the girl I love and would be proposing Love to soon. When I come and tell you ‘lets do the do’ just be since with me in your Yes or No answering because you already know whether you love me enough to be my girlfriend or not .Please ladies stop telling us u need time to think bout whether you want us or not because you already know whether you want him or not as a boyfriend and Guys lets be sincere with the ladies. The fact that she’s accepted you among the lot doesn’t mean you are a god so behave.

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