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When the alphabets in words lose their value
And words are no longer usefull
in expressing emotions and thoughts
When logic is of no use
to understanding this strong
emotion that runs deep in my core
i want to look you right in the eye
and feel its you I love

When the things I do turn meaningless
And the songs I sing for you
are nothing but white nonsense
and sound very strange in your ears
and my touch sends fear rather than pleasure
down your beautifully crafted body
When what I feel for you is not based on
physical attraction and beauty
let my black sense be the only reason
you love me

When death is no longer a way
of separating two hearts bonded as one
And distance is nothing but strength to us
When we no longer look up to the heavens
for answers to questions we ask
or look up to men for understanding and acceptance
When rainy days or stormy nights
matter not to us
And our trust lies in God
Then and only then will they see
Us as an epitome of two truly becoming one

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ITS A WRAP:Tribute to BOB J(A Man who wrote with light)

Another beautiful story has ended

The greatest DIRECTORr in his chair

Making sure each scene was dramatic

Through his yell of ‘ACTION’

you surged forward

like a true hero

believing greatness lies

not in doing great things

but doing little things greatly

now the great DIRECTOR yells


and so your beautiful story has ended

like a stone dropped into a river

You have disappeared

but you leave behind ripples

of living this life so simple

which will affect us and cause us to smile with dimples

anytime we think about you

so we ask questions

we know have no solutions

wondering why it has to be you

in our silent grief we believe

you are safe  in the home of the brave

where we all dread but can’t escape from

your light continues to shine

giving us hope and warmth

as memories of your style

but most of all your grace behind your camera

we cling on to

for you found a thing you loved to do

a passion of photos you shared and stories you told

so with you in our hearts

we surge on,telling our individual stories

as directed by the great DIRECTOR himself

not knowing when he will yell



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Story Time

Under the giant baobab tree

brightened by the last fires

we sit listening

her golden coffee colored teeth

chewing hard and merciless

on the unneeded chewing stick

as she spits out tales

of the brave and weak

of love and courage

each one of us lost

in our own world of a matrix

only to be awakened by the

throbbing of the drums

Agbeko the master drummer in full control

dictating pace and rhythm

with passion and aggression

bodies move from left to right

right to let with giant tides

of sweats rolling down

the shea buttered bodies

brightened by the full moon and fire

suddenly there is dead silence

bodies seize to move

drums play mute

we are greeted  by

natures own music

played by the crickets and owls

so we gather our mats and cloth

for the end of another story has come

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In your Smile;To a Lover

In Your Smile:To a Lover

by Selikem Tenu Kweku Geni on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 9:12pm

In your smile so beautiful

i read the dreams of love

in your smile so tender

i see the most beautiful artwork of God in full bloom

in your smile so pure

i see the hope i need

to cross the endless blue seas

climb the rockiest of mountains

to greener pastures

in your smile my heart hears a song

for princes and kings

In your smile i hear a language

not based on words but clearly understood

like the throbbing tam-tam

announcing the coming of a beautiful sunrise

in your smile i catch an infection stronger than all known diseases

yet again in your smile i find a cure like no other

in your smile i feel a timeless pride of honor and beauty

beyond my mind’s comprehension

in your smile so bright

my love is beaming

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