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Story Time

Under the giant baobab tree

brightened by the last fires

we sit listening

her golden coffee colored teeth

chewing hard and merciless

on the unneeded chewing stick

as she spits out tales

of the brave and weak

of love and courage

each one of us lost

in our own world of a matrix

only to be awakened by the

throbbing of the drums

Agbeko the master drummer in full control

dictating pace and rhythm

with passion and aggression

bodies move from left to right

right to let with giant tides

of sweats rolling down

the shea buttered bodies

brightened by the full moon and fire

suddenly there is dead silence

bodies seize to move

drums play mute

we are greeted  by

natures own music

played by the crickets and owls

so we gather our mats and cloth

for the end of another story has come

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