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ITS A WRAP:Tribute to BOB J(A Man who wrote with light)

Another beautiful story has ended

The greatest DIRECTORr in his chair

Making sure each scene was dramatic

Through his yell of ‘ACTION’

you surged forward

like a true hero

believing greatness lies

not in doing great things

but doing little things greatly

now the great DIRECTOR yells


and so your beautiful story has ended

like a stone dropped into a river

You have disappeared

but you leave behind ripples

of living this life so simple

which will affect us and cause us to smile with dimples

anytime we think about you

so we ask questions

we know have no solutions

wondering why it has to be you

in our silent grief we believe

you are safeĀ  in the home of the brave

where we all dread but can’t escape from

your light continues to shine

giving us hope and warmth

as memories of your style

but most of all your grace behind your camera

we cling on to

for you found a thing you loved to do

a passion of photos you shared and stories you told

so with you in our hearts

we surge on,telling our individual stories

as directed by the great DIRECTOR himself

not knowing when he will yell



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