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Promise In a Tin

The moon with it pale liquidation

falls across the streets

Down the dark alley I walk

Kicking an imaginary ball

Occasionally the wind speeds past me

with a whistle that breaks the noisy silence of the night

Stray dogs howl their call and response

Far away in the empty streets


Then I see them

Like a park of hyenas

they surround their hunt

Ripping of what is left of his already tarted clothes

Each thunderous smack and kick

accompanied by a chorus of laughter

His teary bloody swollen face the heavens it looks

Once a while he hisses out like a wounded cobra

but his hands still to his bosom they cling to

The jump back but quickly regroup to strike


To his rescue I run

They run away when the see me

Like dogs with their tails between their legs

I stretch out my hand

He looks at me with doubt

But takes it with the other hand

Revealing the small tin

And so down the alley we both walk

Each step a relief I feel in his grip on my hand


To my home I take him

But wouldn’t let go of the tin for a scrub

Neither will he let go of it for a meal

Despite all assurance that it would be safe

So in his sleep he still clings to it

Like his life depends upon it

Talking about how he’ll keep to his promise

Of never letting her go

So gentle I remove it from his grips,

Open it,only to see a folded paper

I unfold it only to realize its a picture

A faded picture of a pretty woman

Probably his mother.

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Posted by on February 20, 2011 in Poems