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Freeing My Mind

I have over months tried to stay out of this GAY issue that is hitting the airwaves. I have battled with myself and conscience over whether I should write a piece on this issue or not but the happenings of this morning as I journeyed to work has given me the urge to write this. Before your prejudices sets in and you become all judgmental on me I will like to state categorically that this is not an attack on any religious group or persons but just my candid opinion of what I see and hear all around me. For the records if there is on group of people I detest so much in life it is the people who practice the sexuality of Gays and not for a second will I condone and connive with such act on any given day. I’m one of those who believes in change and not always conforming to all the ways of society, but on the issue of sexuality I adamantly stand for the view that a sexual relationship should be strictly between a MAN and a WOMAN and that my friends is the way it should be.
Now that at least you know my stand I will like to proceed with what I observed this morning whilst was listening to Kojo Oppong Nkrumah’s show on JOY fm when people called in to talk about gays and whether they will vote for or against any politician who supported gay rights. From my own estimation, because I lost count of the number people who called, 90 percent of them in their submissions made reference to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible stating categorically that it was because of Gayism that those two towns were destroyed by God. You see I have not been reading my Bible of late and for that I have no excuse whatsoever but hearing this, my mind went back to those days in Sunday school where I first heard this story. And not once did I remember that God said he was destroying Sodom and Gomorrah because it was a gay haven. To be sure and yet again double sure, I have re-read the story from the Bible again and it is not what we are presenting it to be. God told Abraham that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of their wickedness and sinful ways and it is not until the verse 3 of Genesis chapter 19 that we get hint of gays being part of the township and this has raised a lot of questions in my head which might make me deviate from the course I want to take with this article concerning morality and religion.
Most often than not morality is Ghana is tied to Christianity as if other religions practiced in Ghana have no code of conducts or moral norms and values. I think our knowledge of right and wrong is innate in us. Religion gets its morality from humans. We know that we can’t get along if we permit perjury, theft, murder, rape, all societies at all times, well before the advent of monarchies and certainly, have forbidden it… Socrates called his daemon, it was an inner voice that stopped him when he was trying to take advantage of someone… Why don’t we just assume that we do have some internal compass. Now let’s look at it from this point. A man has a penis and a woman a vagina, the penis transports sperms from the scrotum into the vagina so the sperm can fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube and the result is pregnancy which metamorphoses into a human being after some 9 months and that is how we were all brought to this world. I therefore do not need religion to tell me that that is the way of life and that when I’m grown up and wants to have kids to I need a woman and not man to have sexual relationships with. Look let’s be realistic for once and hang our religious boots.Man is a primate. All primates have innate morality. A moral sense is vitally important to the efficient running of any society or group. There are no amoral primate groups anywhere. The Mafia have morals, baboons have codes. There are differences between the various groups and their codes of morality but all primate groups have some morals and standards of behavior. Religion is also very common but it is not universal and it did not cause the codes or the instinct to observe them. These are facts that need to be clearly stated. Morality does not require religion especially when it comes to the issues of seeing being gay as wrong.
There are some things which just are not right no matter how good we paint them. Like a decorated baboon they will always be a baboon. In my opinion, if God wants to punish Ghana now it not because of just Gays but also the numerous social vices that are prominent in our societies. Way before religion and for that matter all religions that are not indigenous to Ghana came to bear our forefathers had norms and values that guarded the integrity of our communities and it is that we should all stand for when it comes to this silly issue of gays
I’m beginning to feel that these gays and their issues are even gaining more prominence on our air waves than issues that really need to be discussed for the unification and development of our dear country spiritually, socially and economically.Let us see religion as a way to catch the attention in order to reinforce the messages of the natural morality that we as a humans are already responding to.

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This is the way I would want to love

If you must know

I would want to love a girl without having second thoughts

About whether she is right for me or not

Cos I would want to be right for her

I would want to make her feel i loved her

Even before I met her

Watch the rays of the rising sun

Make love to her golden black hair

And watch the stars and moon with her

As we make feast on roasted cocoyam and groundnuts

Show rather than tell her in so many ways

Why I love her despite her shortfalls

I would want to die and reincarnate

In another culture and religion

And yet love her the same way I love her now

I would want to love her with a passion and an addiction

But still have eyes opened to criticize constructively her on blunders

Tickle her with poems every morning

Bathe her with the soap and sponge of appreciation

Wet her with the gift of comfort

Grill her with the oil of fortitude

Soothe her with the word of God

Read her silence and understand her words

Accept her for who she is

But then I don’t want to love her with all my heart

For she might take advantage and trample over it

Treat it like dirt and with scorn

For no man really understands a woman

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I am that piece of pottery

Intricately designed to leave mouths widely open

Aesthetically musical to the soles of the heart of men

Beautiful as the kiss of dawn

Displayed with pride

From where I sit my beauty is blinding

Yet not so long ago I was dug out from the dirtiest of earths

Trampled upon by all kinds of feet

Pounded by the mortar and pestle of misery and frustration

Beaten by the rain of contempt and disloyalty

Wacked on the floor of self pity and failure

But the skilful hand of my creator knew just what I was to be

So he molded me

Getting rid of all the all impurities and unwanted

First the lumps of inferiority complex

Then the stones of self defeat

Followed by the stalks of misery and failure

So here I am admired at first sight

With just few understanding

What I had to endure

To be a beauty like this

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Crazy Love

She approached me
Undressing me with her gaze
She paralyzed me with the run of her hand trough me hair
You see she posses a beauty that makes you unaware of yourself
Like a virus she infested my internal memory like no other
All of a sudden the was something more than life to live for
Then she whispers into my ears
‘use me as you please’
is she okay?
Does she know what she’s asking for?
Does she mean it?
Questions I rack my brains to find answers to
the binary codes of my thoughts simply
Cannot decipher her intentions
For I know she has many lovers
both male and female
oooh yes they say she is a bisexual
Well some say she indeed is a hermaphrodite
but with me she is a woman of substance
none of what others say she is
I guess she has a way to change her sexuality depending on who she is with
Last night she was with me throughout the day
we did everything together
Yet Baraka, Elorm, Elom,Phillipa and others
swear he, she was with them at the same time
How can this be?
for she was right here with me
So I use her as she asked
For she is a beautiful curse I must endure
So in my happy times, sad times, confused state, sane state
I use her
For tell me how I can let a beauty down when
Her wish is a spell I am bound to
And not once has she complained that I have mistreated her
Leaving me to wonder if she is for real
You see when it comes to styles,
She is super good
She makes me wonder if any woman can match her
She makes you want to go short and sweet
And at times long and worthwhile
Then I begin to wonder
maybe a screw needs to be tightened up there
Or a wire has to be reconnected
Well I do not know but
All I know is that even if all persons
Leave me
My sweet POETRY will stick with me
Through it all cos
She seduces me with her similes,
her metaphors gives me a rush.
And when she flows out in verses and stanzas,
I get a poetic orgasm

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