Crazy Love

18 Jul

She approached me
Undressing me with her gaze
She paralyzed me with the run of her hand trough me hair
You see she posses a beauty that makes you unaware of yourself
Like a virus she infested my internal memory like no other
All of a sudden the was something more than life to live for
Then she whispers into my ears
‘use me as you please’
is she okay?
Does she know what she’s asking for?
Does she mean it?
Questions I rack my brains to find answers to
the binary codes of my thoughts simply
Cannot decipher her intentions
For I know she has many lovers
both male and female
oooh yes they say she is a bisexual
Well some say she indeed is a hermaphrodite
but with me she is a woman of substance
none of what others say she is
I guess she has a way to change her sexuality depending on who she is with
Last night she was with me throughout the day
we did everything together
Yet Baraka, Elorm, Elom,Phillipa and others
swear he, she was with them at the same time
How can this be?
for she was right here with me
So I use her as she asked
For she is a beautiful curse I must endure
So in my happy times, sad times, confused state, sane state
I use her
For tell me how I can let a beauty down when
Her wish is a spell I am bound to
And not once has she complained that I have mistreated her
Leaving me to wonder if she is for real
You see when it comes to styles,
She is super good
She makes me wonder if any woman can match her
She makes you want to go short and sweet
And at times long and worthwhile
Then I begin to wonder
maybe a screw needs to be tightened up there
Or a wire has to be reconnected
Well I do not know but
All I know is that even if all persons
Leave me
My sweet POETRY will stick with me
Through it all cos
She seduces me with her similes,
her metaphors gives me a rush.
And when she flows out in verses and stanzas,
I get a poetic orgasm

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Posted by on July 18, 2011 in Poems


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