18 Jul

I am that piece of pottery

Intricately designed to leave mouths widely open

Aesthetically musical to the soles of the heart of men

Beautiful as the kiss of dawn

Displayed with pride

From where I sit my beauty is blinding

Yet not so long ago I was dug out from the dirtiest of earths

Trampled upon by all kinds of feet

Pounded by the mortar and pestle of misery and frustration

Beaten by the rain of contempt and disloyalty

Wacked on the floor of self pity and failure

But the skilful hand of my creator knew just what I was to be

So he molded me

Getting rid of all the all impurities and unwanted

First the lumps of inferiority complex

Then the stones of self defeat

Followed by the stalks of misery and failure

So here I am admired at first sight

With just few understanding

What I had to endure

To be a beauty like this

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Posted by on July 18, 2011 in Poems


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