18 Jul

This is the way I would want to love

If you must know

I would want to love a girl without having second thoughts

About whether she is right for me or not

Cos I would want to be right for her

I would want to make her feel i loved her

Even before I met her

Watch the rays of the rising sun

Make love to her golden black hair

And watch the stars and moon with her

As we make feast on roasted cocoyam and groundnuts

Show rather than tell her in so many ways

Why I love her despite her shortfalls

I would want to die and reincarnate

In another culture and religion

And yet love her the same way I love her now

I would want to love her with a passion and an addiction

But still have eyes opened to criticize constructively her on blunders

Tickle her with poems every morning

Bathe her with the soap and sponge of appreciation

Wet her with the gift of comfort

Grill her with the oil of fortitude

Soothe her with the word of God

Read her silence and understand her words

Accept her for who she is

But then I don’t want to love her with all my heart

For she might take advantage and trample over it

Treat it like dirt and with scorn

For no man really understands a woman

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Posted by on July 18, 2011 in Poems


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