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Where I come From

Where I come from fetus learn to survive the hard way
Getting pregnant is legal at the age of fourteen,
Just forget about what the constitution says
Virginity is no longer an honorable virtue
But lack of opportunity
So young girls in skimpy miniskirts will sell themselves in the open market
Like kokonte left in the open
What lies in between their legs now a public booth for rats and cockroaches to reside
Yet any time she passes by, they call her names
But they are the same ones who bargained with her
To lower her fees so they could get in between her legs
She will wear heavy make up to hide her black eye
And keep hoping that one day this would change
But soon than later age creeps up on her and snatches away time
Her dreams become nothing more than a pigment of her imagination

Where I come from
Dreams are illegal
So we guard our thoughts and hide our dreams at night
Where I come from truth cast shadows over the landscape
We are made to believe everything and nothing except in ourselves
A young boy has to hustle on the street
Toughness is shown by the number of ladies you have laid
And the number of gunshot scares you carry
Playgrounds have been turned into slaughter houses
Leaders live by the pigs code
‘all animals are equal but some are more equal’

Where I come from is where they also came from
So why should my story be different
They rowed their boats through the stormy rocks
The smiled showing all the teeth to hide its gnashing
They believed in themselves when no one else did
Yes I can also be Senghor, Nkrumah ,Mandela
Catherine Ndereba , Charlize Theron, Yaa Asantewa, Ama Atta Aidoo
Whose stories we hear and in our hearts long to emulate
Before time snatches away life from us
Like a thief; candy from a child’s hand

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