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One Ghana Cedi Thoughts

Just yesterday I saw a news item about a so called ‘celebrity’ whose nude pictures were circulating on the internet. Out of curiosity, which on many occasions killed the cat. Don’t forget that I’m an Ewe and since we are known for our love for cat meat, I might just be the curiosity that killed the cat and ate it.I decided to go beyond find out more about who these person was and trust me she was a the news of a pregnancy would be to a man who is told he is pregnant. I have taken my time to read the publication and got to know that the so called young lady is a ‘celebrity’ because she appeared in some music videos and a couple of homemade erotic movies with a 3 mega pixel camera, edited with windows movie maker and are being referred to as Ghanaian Films produced and directed by Socrates Safo whose reputation is based on one too many bad reasons. I have publicly been tagged by some friends as someone who doesn’t appreciate celebrities in Ghana but then again how can you blame me when I do not see most of our so called ‘celebrities’ as celebrities because I feel it is the closeness of trees in the forest that makes the monkey think it is skillful

In Ghana our strands of skeletal framework of an entertainment industry revolves around on movies, music and politics. Trust me I’m not in any way trying to be cynical here though being cynic in this case will be super cool but personally, I just believe that our current crop of politicians are nothing but a bunch of comedians on the wrong platform. Hate it or love it is the true pathetic color of what we call an entertainment industry and that’s what makes us unique as a people.  I know I have not had my education at the Presecs, AISs, TISs and Achimota’s but a ‘village school’ in the Volta Region where our weekends start on Fridays which we spend on farms and so my understanding of who a celebrity is, may differ from yours and so it was a great sacrifice to learn more about what makes a person a celebrity that I used my one Ghana cedi meant for my Hausa ‘Koko and Kose’ to go to the only café in my area to Google who a celebrity is. Google tells me a celebrity, also referred to as a celeb in popular culture, is a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media. The term is synonymous with wealth (commonly denoted as a person with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public. To me the key phrases in googles definition of who a Celebrity is, are ‘prominent profile’ and public ‘great degree of fascination and influence’.  And so I asked my self whether any of the people we call celebrities fits his description and have come to the conclusion that, one or two may fit the bill but the majority are far far below the line.

Most of our so called ‘celebrities’ are far from being prominent and what fascinates me is how they raise themselves to a status they are far from reaching if they do not sit down and reevaluate their crafts. Whilst people are selling a million copies of a records in just a week after realizing an album, someone here has just five albums to his credit and no idea of how many of his CDs have been bought and says he is the best rappers alive. I do for one admire this kind of swag and vim which is like the proverbial fallen lizard but then again sell a quarter of a million copies of an album and then you can blow the horn you bought with your own money anywhere, anytime and anyhow but not an imaginary horn with you raining saliva on us all in the name of praising yourself. Look if someone like Rocky Dawuni says he is a celebrity I will not contest that at all for he has lived to that expectation but for someone like Caesar, Ako Nana, Dr. Cryme among many others to tell me they are CELEBRITIES will warrant not only a tongue lashing from me but also some free and necessary education without feeding for I’m not  funded by the Wayome. Some musicians in Ghana will live up to the celebrity standard but more than sixty percent of them will fade out like a bad a mirage since most of their lyrics are uncreative, senseless and idiotic. This same shit different day attitude of theirs complimented by their lack of decency in appearance (la borrow clothes and sneakers with exposed one cedi boxer shorts form Kantanmanto) and stagecraft makes me want to puke anytime I see them on stage.Yet the carry themselves like peacocks around with the only difference being the have no feathers to display.

As for the movie industry only God will save us. Most actors and actress do one dimensional films and call themselves celebrities. Some few years ago a popular Ghanaian actress was interviewed on Good Evening Ghana which is aired on Metro TV and her input was clinically pathetic and nauseating. She knew absolutely nothing about the industry in which she was and yet she calls herself a celebrity. We celebrate mediocre and feel proud about it. No wonder we have a pathetic movie award event into which millions of cedis is pumped into yet at the end of the day the is a big Question mark we just can’t seem to get past. The fact that one has a mobile phone camera and can shout action, cut and it’s a wrap makes the person a film director and the fact that a person can do something in the name of acting makes the person an actor or actress. Just for fame ladies will do anything to appear on screen and the end product is the total chaff we have on our screens called films.As for the politics I will leave it for those of you who understand the politics of democracy more than I do but trust me I enjoy the full comedy jamboree it comes with.

My one Ghana cedi is almost exhausted so I will like end here and like us all to ponder over whether we truly have celebrities in Ghana or not. If you want to have an open discussion with me tomorrow meet me at the koko base near the Nima Junction and lets drink and nibble as we talk and discuss the way forward. I just hope my one Ghana cedi will be enough for us to share as these one Ghana cedi thoughts of mine.

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Today under the baobab tree brightened by the fire of the dry acacia branches

The bones speak the message of the ancestors to us

As cowries scream over the chattering bones like a child’s teeth in the rain.

The high priest in his antelope and chameleon hide clothes

Beats the drum made from ant skin

His lips speak proverbs with adages as answers

Eyes that see beyond what eyes see when they see what eyes see

And the tongue that chants songs that we barely understand

Orchestrate this ceremony to harvest these lies we call us

And replant our true selves in us

Like the blind man we need not be told it is raining

For so long have we span these lies we spent fortunes on

And tried convince ourselves that they were the truth

We forgot that no matter how black a cow is, its milk is always white

And so we spat into the same pot that fed us as infants

But today we shall eat from this same pot

After rubbing our buttocks against the porcupine’s

We have run to the home we urinated on, for our sores to be dressed

So here we stand on this sacred ground

Like lost sheep we have returned home

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