18 Jul


I have been told many men have laid the pens to rest
For poetry has stopped getting them laid
But here I am with my pen, ready to get laid
I want you to lay me gently
As I smear your thoughts with the lotion of soothing words
As we lay in missionary position
Allowing my thrust of words reach the depth of your soul
Let us get doggy and emotions howl through our bodies
Like sonar pulsing dense waters
As I hum the sensation of my song into your ears whilst I gently nibble on them
You trembling as my breath tickles your ear, your warm mouth on my collar bone,
your tongue wetting my chest, your nails scratching at my shoulder
my eyes closed yet widely opened to these pleasures
I want to pick your feelings that are like fishhooks in a bowl
One by one, impossible as it may be
As I trace your cleavage with my thoughts
And then suck on the hardened nipples of you beauty
As you moan and groan in ecstasy
Wave your hand through my hair,
Like fantasies through my brain
I want to feel that you want me
Like the touch of a raw nerve I want you to feel me inside of you
And scream with the pleasure of the truth that burns from within
I want you to gag me with kiss hard on the mouth and draw deep meaning
From my accompanied silence,
Press your lips to mine and let your tongue massages mine
As the words massage the helm of my brain as I think of the next line
I want to grind you faster yet in slow motion, smooth yet rough
So I can savoir every word of your fulfillment
I want us to explode together as suicide bombers with no casualties
Convulse and come to a grinding smooth halt like a locomotive engine
with you wiping the sweat off my face like a station master a windscreen
So you can see the joy of my soul through my eyes
I want hear you whisper ‘I love you’ as I drift into sleep’
With a smile curved on my lips like the contours of your waist
I want to get laid by you with no margins or borders
And at the end feel you are the best poem my pen
Ever wroteImage

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Posted by on July 18, 2012 in Poems


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