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When you mention my name

My  Dz)gbe Se responds but now

My voice runs naked to reach your ears

That have grown wings and flown away

To a place my cassava sticks can’t carry me to

So I sit here waiting patiently for you,  Lorlornye to return

The piece of my heart you have stolen safely

The amateur Bokos and afakalawo say you will lose somewhere on Kpogadzi where you have flown to

Learn the ways of the white parrot

 Sakpalitowo say you will become one of a white parrot trapped in an apatipre’s body

and forget the joy we shared eating our atadikpui

But I know they do not know you as I do

The postmaster with socks high his knee as a flooded river bank of tal3me

Came by yesterday with no agbale for me from you Lorlornye

Drowning me in my longing to your chirp as the one you sent twelve markets gone by

That refreshed me like zemetsi

Someone tell Lorlornye that the voice she always longs to hear is drying up and even

The air refuses to carry this new song from my patched heart

Leaving it to linger in avalime

The wind wants to blow away the basket full of our dreams that I hold in my bosom

And put us away like a godivuvu left at the mercy of the weather

But I refuse to let it go

So Lorlornye, If my faint voice finds you, may it find you safe

And warm you and that piece of my heart you stole

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I Salute YOU

Wow time they say flies, but I wonder why I’m starting this piece with such an overused cliché. My emotions are somehow confused and I feel lost in my own thoughts like a twelve year old child who out of the blue has to become a grown up at that age. My memories of  August 9, 2010 has been replaying in my head since morning and my head pounds as though it had been placed in one of those Accra chop bar mortars with a macho fufu pounder pounding it with a huge pestle.  Inasmuch as I will love to shed tears, my tear ducts are as dry as the Kalahari Desert to the extent that I feel any attempt by me to force out a tear will mean my eyes popping out the aqueous humor of my eyes. Memories.

Today marks exactly two years the last pillar of our parental fortress was knocked down, leaving my siblings and I trembling but having hope that somehow we were going to get through it with God on our side and trust me, God has not let us down one bit. Suddenly my eyes have been opened to a lot of things that hitherto I could not see and has helped me appreciate life from different perspective. I have grown within these two years. I have succeeded and I have failed in many endeavors but  at least I can proudly say I am me no matter the circumstance I find myself in and this is based on the strong  disciplinarian my late Dad was. Most of the things I am and do in terms of my work and passion has been a result of his support and how much he pushed me to be the best I can be. I remember one of his usual quotes which literally is ‘If you are asked to collect shit do it with a grateful heart, passion and alacrity and love purely not because you expect something in return.

So in the mist of all this confused emotions, I refuse to mourn rather I celebrate a man who was not only my biological father but a very good friend. A man who will stand for justice and the right thing to be done anytime, any day or any moment .A man who was not shy to carry his children at his back like a woman would do and walk through the neighborhood.  A man who will pound fufu and do the turning single handedly for eight mouths to eat.  A man who even in pain will work his heart out and still treat people right despite them seeking his downfall. I choose to smile at the beautiful memories of him that pace through my heart and thoughts. He may not have been the President of the country or an important figure that deems a monument  in the center of town but trust me the legacy he has left behind is so priceless that all I can do is to thank the good Lord for such a father to many who were not his biological children and had so much positive influences on their lives.

Papa Gee. I salute you wherever you kindred is in Heaven

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