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I Cast My Net

These jogging hopes for the harvest of my dreams

Have cast their net to catch the whirlthoughts of the snare setters

At the entrance of the house I built at the shores of troubled waters

The wind roars to counteract the whistling song of my soul

That the morning sun has cleared the pathway for

The breeze hums the war tunes of the failures of my forebears to me

Lulling my eyes to dance to the enchantment of contentment

Sand washed away beneath my feet makes me stagger

But alas I have developed my own dance steps to this rhythm

Of the smooth and coarse pitches of the wave of life

Life is not a rehearsal

So do not ask me to use a tombstone for grinding

Even though my pride feathers might wet and some plucked out

Let me remind you that I am the son of the centipede and so do not for once think

I will go crippled by the loss of a limb

I no longer fear tomorrow for I have seen yesterday go to sleep

At the emergence of today running naked with the other fragments on my dreams

And hemming them to the cloak of my life

I have returned to the old water hole for more water

To quench my thirst and rest a while on my soft pillow of a clean conscience

I know they wish to pull me down like a rotten tooth

But like the wounds from hunting rats and squirrels

I will leave a perpetual scar upon the knees of time

And be remembered as the man who cast his net wide to catch his dreams

In the high tide of life


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Jesus What Is Your BB Pin?(The Church and Interactive Media)

Last night Jesus came as he promised to and instead of him riding on a horse with angels by his side blowing trumpets for believers to be ruptured, he was rather  texting, tweeting, whatsapping, rapture request sending, BBMing, Skyping from his smart phones but a lot of us missed it because our individual telecommunications network had problems with the network coverage more over ECG took the lights for 48 hours and so some of us were not able to charge our phones and telecommunication devices and so for a second chance “text the correct answer to this question to the short code 2383 on all networks ‘which side of Adam did God remove the rib to create Eve?’ Terms and conditions apply.” This may sound blasphemous but there are days I feel to the average Ghanaian church goer, who insists on being referred to as a Christian this would be ideal situation based on how technologically our worship of God has become and sadly this is how low we have desecrated our faith.

       Growing up, church had always been a community thing for me. It was that one day in the week which afforded me the chance to worship God and still be with family, friends and really be close to people I looked up to spiritually. This kind of environment made it possible for me to have real human relationships and do practical things when it came to serving the Lord. Over the years I have gradually seen this closely knitted human institution where we gathered and could actually feel the spirit of the Lord amongst us disintegrate into something I fear is making us lose the favor of the Lord due to how we use technology in terms of telecommunication and social media. I know a certain school of thoughts will say technology has aided us in taking the word of God to the doorsteps of individuals and in a way I will agree with them but personally I feel we are losing the human element  that comes with congregating to serve the Lord.

These days aside the runway dressing most of the ladies take to church, you find most people holding iPads, iPhones, galaxy tabs, black berries and other smart phones instead of Bibles and immediately the Pastor says ‘can we please turn our Bibles to the book of John’, people start fidgeting with theses gadgets but trust me more than half are checking football updates, facebook or twitter updates, fashion sites, snapping pictures and chatting with others in the same building.

Mind you, the Pastor himself is flipping through his sermon pages on an iPad and this I must confess is the advanced way of serving God. Offertory and tithes will sooner than later be paid via mobile money transfer and either facebook, skype, whatsapp aside other social media platforms will be used for meetings instead of having that human contact since venturing into the physical world is a pain and waste of time. So we choose this a state of cultural obesity brought on by the isolation of self-indulgence. Because most of us choose to live in and are part of this culture, we cannot help but be affected by these things. The options that are offered to us are really too many to process adequately and so in this kind of situation most of us will choose the easiest option, the “path of least resistance” approach.

Contrary to those days when young persons modeled their behavior on those people who were close to them in proximity, such as parents, teachers, pastors, and leaders in the community but now they are confronted with so many virtual role models who know absolutely nothing about them.

I know some people will argue that we have succeeded is in text evangelism and fulfill the part of the scriptures that says go into the world and spread the gospel but the question is how many of these text messages have been more effective that the door to door of community to community evangelism that was done in those days preaching about salvation and giving reverence to God and Christ in all our endeavors?  Most often than not most of these text messages lack the spirit of the understanding of God’s words. I personally envisage that in the next year or two we will start getting random text messages from these prominent churches saying ‘for financial miracle, text FM to short code 1123, for marriage Miracle text MM to short code 1123 and for any other miracle text *name of miracle* to 1123. The Lord is closer to you than you think’.

The interesting thing I have also noticed is churches evaluate themselves by the same standards as those used by the culture of technology. Because technology provides immediate information and feedback, churches have begun to operate on a fad or poll basis. Whatever the latest fad is or whatever the latest trend predicted by the polls happens to be, that is where the church is going. Because our technical driven culture requires efficiency, convenience, and entertainment, then the Church must provide that. Soon, opinion polls on what kind of sermon, who the preacher should be, what kind of song ministrations among others will be thrown out there for congregants to vote on and the majority will carry the day based on the polls’ result.

I may be wrong or right, but in all these, I pray the Lord directs our paths to make decisions that won’t see us departing from his grace and mercies all because we choose to social media interact with him rather than speak to him in the physical and spiritual realm for Christianity to me has never been about convenience or safety. God calls us to leave our comfort zone, interact face-to-face with people, and go out as “sheep among wolves”. We cannot hope to win the approval of the world by adopting the ways of the world and so we need to be vigorous and not stationary in doing God’s work

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She breaks in to my heart and thoughts against my will
With her words but who says I want to resist when
My heart flies  like a BUTTERFLY
to suck on the nectar of memories she left behind in her last words I read
I could be at the gallows and still swear I felt her gentle breath tickle my earlobe
as she whispered them
I read her works and, She beckons me, to follow,
Offering, pleasures, that I could only dream of

A beautiful face
A beautiful heart
A beautiful mind
A chemical combination of not an ordinary woman
Reversible or not? I do not really care
For when the protons of her words connect with the atoms of my soul
An element of a woman who is nothing but herself is all I see
A power puff girl who lets me puff words
With redeeming qualities that causes my eyes and thoughts to become telescopic
She is the answer the makes you scream Eureka to that mind boggling question you do not know even existed
Strong spirit, huge mind the keeps me mining for more
Woman who cloaks me with the warmth of words to which
She applies the feelings of wisdom’s true beauty
and they touch as soft and gently as affect ion itself.
A beautiful mind that casts rainbows into the skies of hearts, coloring my heavens
with the sweet treasures of her being; bestowing priceless wealth
beneath the heart beats of my mind

I feed on your wordsMy Photo
I live on you words
You lubricate my engine of Poetry


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I Won’t Vote

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to do what a man’s got to do and I can say I’ve found myself in one of such situations. This year being an election year I have had friends from the two main political parties excite themselves by masturbating their words to convince me to vote for their political parties and no matter how convincing they try to sound, I feel sorry for them. More often than not people stereotypically feel since I’m an Ewe I should support the NDC and are disappointed when they realize I’m not. Ideally I feel most of the youth who are tagging along the major political parties are getting the whole idea of what this year’s election should be about wrong. I’m one of those few people who believe that what we need as a country right now is a leader who will make the fundamental structures within the country work effectively and efficiently by damning the consequences of whether he will be re-elected for another term or not but all we get are empty promises made every four years to get people to vote. What surprises me most of the time is that even the so called educated ones are the ones who fall victims to these politicians. I guess licking the dripping oil off the elbows of these politicians is gratifying enough to quench their greed.

Unlike previous elections in which I partook in based on the issues debated on, it seems the main theme this year’s election will be built around is Education and I do not for one believe that the major political parties have a clue how pathetic our educational system is. They keep on treating it as though it is a pile of tomatoes they are pricing for. Everything about our education has become so political that I fear a time will come when all certificates acquired will be disbanded when an opposition party comes to power. We keep on milling our educational structures like a board of Odum we do not know whether to mill to a two by for plank or a four by three plank. First it was a three year SHS calendar which was changed to a four year on by the NPP and then reverted to a three year calendar again by the incumbent NDC government.  Now it is Free SHS being proposed by the opposition NPP that is at the forefront of political debates this year. I personally do not have a problem with Free SHS but the question is, what is the quality of the education our children are receiving from the FCUBE that is currently running? When the NDC government came into power they said they were going to clear all schools under trees and started building six unit classroom blocks for such identified schools but the question I have always asked myself is why does it always have to be a six unit classroom block and not the quality of teaching these children dressed in the so called free school uniforms as huge as those of slave on sugarcane plantations receive? Instead of questioning the practicability of most of the courses being offered in Senior High Schools in terms of subject combinations and how relevant these subject would be for them in their choice of pursuing a future. Whilst the NDC has taken time to lambast Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP for using Free SHS as a main campaign theme because in their own world of wisdom and knowledge they see it as not feasible,
the President spent almost 70 percent of his speech dedicated talking about virtually the same thing . So I ask who are they fooling, themselves or the populace?

I’m sure the founding fathers of our dear nation did not envisage this for our beloved country and would be spinning in their respective graves in pain at how we are gambling with the future of the children of Ghana and so I have decided not to vote this election. Come December seventh, I will stay at home and sleep to gain enough rest to brace myself for the challenges ahead no matter who wins the elections because I want to be part of a country where people vote on issues that are viable and will propel the nation forward and not because they belong to a political party and hence must vote for that party whether their campaign messages are geared towards benefiting a clique of people and not the populace.


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Too Tight;I Can’t Enter

For a while now nothing really excited me and this was taking a toll on me. At work my colleagues were always asking me whether I was okay. Even Kuks, whose presence always stirred something magical in me was just Kuks and nothing special in my eyes again. Her smile the was my cold sun on a scorchy day and  the barrel in which I poured out my emotions into when the rainy days came couldn’t were blank as a sheet of paper. Her questions that hitherto I would answer no matter how dumb they sounded are now noise piecing my ears. Today before lunch, she cat walked to my desk making jaws drop like a door with a broken spring hinge as always.

Koku we need to talk’

     Prior experiences with the opposite sex had taught me that anytime they say ‘we need to talk’ it meant you were in for trouble. Being a firm believer that a man has 600 words to speak averagely in a day whilst a woman has over 5000 words, I knew there was no way I was go to win even if I was right.

‘Ok so when and where?’ I inquired

       She stared at me and twitched her lips an idiosyncrasy that she owns copyright and which was always a spectacle to watch… ‘My desk in the next ten minutes’ she replied and did a little spin which ballooned her dress to reveal a little bit of her thigh and had some of gentlemen salivating and the other’s falling into a trance. Feeling a little embarrassed by what had happened she quickened her pace and headed to her desk. At her desk she pulled her chair, sat down and turned to steal a glance at me. For a second or two our eyes locked in like a code and I could feel a little swell in the flap of in my trousers.

        Ten minutes later like a sheep being led to the slaughter house I walked to her desk. At her desk she pointed to the swivel chair across without raising her head to look at me. It took her a minute after I had sat down and cleared my throat to draw her attention to the fact that I was waiting for her to commence, that she actually took her eyes off the screen of her laptop to look at me. Without smiling she stared me cold in the eyes, pulled a strand of hair that was hanging loosely on her forehead, tucked it behind her ear lobe which had me dreaming at times and began to speak.

    For the thirty or so minutes that she was talking I was drifting in and out of the conversation as waves at Labadi beach. All I wanted her to do was cut nagging short so I could disappear from the office.  Realizing I was not really paying attention she asked that we continue the conversation later. With this cue I thanked her and moved straight to my desk, picked my phone and headed straight for the door. I could feel her gaze glued on me all this while.

       Aarhh at last some fresh air! I walked down the street heading nowhere in particular all I need is somewhere to clear my head and get my groove back. Amazingly my aimless roaming took me into a shoe shop where all I could do was window shopping. Absentmindedly I found myself at the counter and then I saw them. The looked adorable and would knocked off their socks. Wow such beauties in this shop? I must have been divinely led here by a huge force. I could hear he hair on my head resonate and standing erect like military guards at a parade. To be honest I was lost in my own thoughts with no way of finding myself until I was tapped on the shoulder by a gentleman who introduced himself as the manager

‘Heavenly aren’t they?’ He asked and all  we both could do was nod our heads sheepishly to affirm the question.

‘You can have one if you want to just for fifty Ghana cedis.’

Wow! Just fifty cedis! Without thinking I paid him and off I went to grab the one I liked most and sped off faster than Usain Bolt in a hundred meter dash home. I could have sworn it took us less a minute to get to my house

      I locked all the doors behind me, put off my phones, took of my shirt and trousers and was only in my boxer shorts and singlet. The last time I was this excited was the night before my first excursion to Accra to visit the parliament house and Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum. I could hear my heart beating and my pulses singing a chorus and there she lay poised for action.I took off my old sock and put on a new one and tried to enter her but I just couldn’t get in there. She was so tight I couldn’t find enough space to enter. Damn! Have I suddenly grown bigger than my normal size? I tried a different style but still I couldn’t enter her fully. Ooooh Gosh not today of all day! All she did was squeak with every push and force I exerted. Out of frustration I flipped her over and there it was SIZE 42. Damn! My shoe size is 44. No wonder I just couldn’t enter. Jeez it’s already five and the shop will be closed


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