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Open Letter to Mr. Ayariga

Dear Sir,

I’m Ganya Korshi one of the many but few floating (though with my body size I wonder how I can float) voters you and the other Presidential aspirants seek to convince to give the mandate to become President of our dear nation. Though I have not met you in person before and based on the fact that the personal encounters I have had with you has been you talking to me via the television set, and you billboards I feel you are a good friend with good intentions. To be honest with you,the lengthier encounter I’ve had with you has been with at the IEA’s Presidential debate which to me was just a question and answers evening and this has left a lasting impression on me. I hope it is ok with you if I alter you name to Ayaaya or Aya to make this communication easier. You know more like a ‘boys boys’ talk.

Aya my friend,  It is  amazing how after our last encounter or should I say my encounter with you on my television set, my late father’s primary advise not to knock myself out when things get tough keeps lingering in my head. I want to believe you are a  great fan of Obama and in your mind you are a better Obama for Ghana that is why you exclaimed that if Obama says ‘Yes we can’t’, you Ayariga wants us to know as Ghanaians that YES WE ARE READY. So tell me Aya if you are indeed ready for anything, why did you want to play with our emotions but first saying you won’t debate tomorrow and then retract to say you’ll be there. To be honest with you I’m one of the few people who believe that you truly deserve to be our next President. For Country broke ooooh Country no broke ooooh a good laugh is always a good remedy. It seems you underestimate yourself and how captivating you are when you make speeches. For a fact I know about 60 to 70percent of Ghanaians were not going to watch the debates when the heard you had opted out because of a cough and a lot of our so called stand -up comedians led by David Oscar have petitioned the IEA to stop you from debating just because you achieved a feat he can’t with even twenty people in a room with the whole nation. To be honest with you I saw through your act at the first presidential debates. Whilst the others continued to bombard as with confusing policies and figures, you chose to assure us that when you become the President of the nation you will make us laugh even in the toughest of situations. Only someone special like you can bring us some comfort in these dead end situations, these moments of doubt and uncertainty, so common nowadays, when the ghosts of hard lies, of raped and defiled dreams and aspiration, of insecurity and unemployment hover over our heads.

So Aya my friend, if a lot of people will be watching the debate because of you, don’t you think it is a second chance to reemphasize where your strength lies and forget those detractors who see you a clown? Between you, God and myself we know it will be a miracle if you amass three percent of the votes cast but we will never know until we try right? We both know at this stage, a lot of people will be asking you Why you Think you Can Be The President”? And I have this answer for them, You fulfill all the prerequisites to be the President of this nation. you are 40 years old, a citizen by birth of this country and medically certified as mentally fit to take up the job. duh!!

Trust me a lot of us a tired of this NDC and NPP charade and won’t mind voting for you but that will be only if you can give us empirical proof of how you’ll encourage the salaries of workers, export brain drain and how you’ll make use of Ghana’s natural resources like silos to improve the living condition of the average Ghanaian with all your ‘Youful’ exuberance. As for your take on education, I share the same sentiments with you however I strongly suggest that you go for a refund of all the school fees you have paid during your school going years in Ghana so at least you can be on the same level as the other aspirants.

AyaAya, there is a lot more I wish to say but let me just conclude here by saying,I pray that as you enter into the debate tomorrow, you do not disappoint the many Ghanaians who will be watching just because of you. Go there with your cough syrup, drink it before you get on stage and just do you thing and remember that even if you do not win the elections as we all know you won’t, you have the utmost fun leading the PNC. It is my wish that one of these days we meet under the coconut tree and deliberate on social issues. I have a few ideas for a comedy skit and you input will make it richer. Hope to see you tomorrow on my TV screen churning out you vision and policies for the nation in the way you best know how to do it.

Your livid friend,

Efo Ganya Korshi

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