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Baaba had kept his promise

A tiny shepherd boy

Now a man of greatness

My life was a fairytale come true

Look you all know how I became King

So let me not bore you with that long story

My heart though is heavy

With what some of you think of me

When it comes to my affair with Bathsheba

So I want to set the records straight

That particular evening

I was not myself

Not that ‘myself’ had gone anywhere

But things were just going my way

The war, the wives, the children

I was choking

You know I just needed some fresh air

and boy ooooh boy I got more than fresh air

The land smelled of a mixed aroma

Of cattle dang, vine, spices, cinnamon,yooyi atadwi

From my balcony I could see the sun go down

A beauty that made me start composing another psalm


There she was

A SHE BATHing in a river

Aaaah! Bathsheba was her name

She glowed like a bronze figure

Under the setting July sun

All I could see was a city of secrets

My soul ruptured

She had defiled my reasoning

My Kodzovi stood erect

Like a soldier during an inspection parade

My blood boiled like boiling yam and soup

So I sent for her

Woow! What a sight to behold

For the first time words wouldn’t flow

naaaaah! they would if there were any to

describe what was before me

Rhythm had been frozen

Her gaze long and hard as though

She was seeing a symbol rather than reality

I noticed everything about her

Especially the hair on her arm

It got me thinking about how soft and abundant

It would be like cypress grass along the river banks

at other places

And this I couldn’t wait to discover


So I said

I will claim this land in the name of the King!


I am the king

See what her beauty has done to me?

So we got down to business

Well not business as in business


I mean we got busy with each other

She couldn’t wait to be claimed

Damn she was sweet

I think saying this is an understatement


I kissed her in the fountain head of her sensitivities

And all I heard was I love you psalms

I ploughed and sowed

With a pleasure immeasurable

In another man’s land

And got rid of my competitor

Just like that

without him knowing

Elimination by subtraction paaaah

But Baaba had seen all

Baaba and his omnipresence

And punished me accordingly

Hmm!! It was painful

But I still got to keep her

Cultivated her land


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