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How Do We Pray


Over the past few days I have been doing analysis of my prayer life(its not as if I pray everyday too oooooh)and I have realized how strange it is.Trust me I can go on and on chatting with friends on relevant and silly issues but whenever I have to pray I can only say between three and eight sentences.As a poet I shouldn’t have problems with words for adoration,thanksgiving,worship among others for God because I have written poems to praise the beauty of women,life  among others out of nothing yet when it comes to that one on one thing with God I just go mute after two, three lines. I have for some days now tried asking friends how to pray with many sentences and I’m yet to be given a formula (if there is any at all) yet they rap prayers faster than any rap artiste I know.

Aside my inability to pray lengthy prayers, I sometimes wonder if every prayer has to be aggressive and interlaced with strong speaking in tongues as most of my charismatic friends do when they pray . My understanding of prayer is that it is a conversation between an individual and God(at least that’s what my non theological mind tells me) and as such must follow certain patterns depending on the theme for prayer.At times I just cant help but stop praying and watch people in church pray with all aggression even when they are asking God for a favor and I wonder how many of us could go to someone we need something from and ask for our need with such aggression.(Gosh,God is really merciful). I can just picture a 16 year old boy who goes to his father to ask for his school fees and begins to scream as most of us do when we are praying “Daddy I want my School fees’ (the lashing igo receive paaaah.ino go be small). For christsake, God is not deaf and frankly speaking If i were God I won’t answer any of such prayers(but I’m not God so I just have to leave with it) After all most of us pray to God when we are in trouble or need something badly from him.

Personally I believe God looks at our hearts and analyzes our intents during prayer sessions and as such we need watch the tone and our composure whenever we are praying. This not withstanding I still want to know how to say lengthy prayers cos I’m getting fed up with these three, four line prayers of mine. Shalom

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