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When the alphabets in words lose their value

And words are no longer useful

in expressing emotions and thoughts

When logic is of no use

to understanding this strong

emotion that runs deep within my core

i want to look you right in the eyes

and feel it is you I love

When the things I do become meaningless

And the songs I sing for you

are nothing but white nonsense

Sounding very alien to your ears

and my touch sends answers to questions yet to be asked

down your beautifully crafted body

When what you feel for me is not based on

physical attraction and beauty

let my black sense be the only reason

you love me

When death is no longer a way

of separating two hearts bonded as one

And distance is nothing but strength to us

When we no longer look up to the heavens

for answers to questions we ask

or look up to men for understanding and acceptance

When rainy days or stormy nights

matter not to us

And our trust lies only in  God

Then and only then will they see

two becoming one


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