Memory’s Heatbeat

11 Feb
Memory’s Heatbeat

My very first Poem of 2013 dedicated to the priceless and fond memories of the Woman who even in death means a lot to me and I know she smiles down on us from Heaven. Esther Ivy Amavi Geni nee Boni this is for you.



The new year sprouts in place of the dead years

Eight years after your physical shade was taken off our lives

Leaving us to the hawks who rove the eaves of life

The shadows of our heart beats

meet time at memory’s cross roads

And watch tears of sorrow and fond memories

Battle in shadows of the songs we hum

With hope walking up and down

as though it ate dog feet upon the head of our hearts

Did they not say the tree along the pathe to the farmlands will never cease to bear wounds?

But Mawuga still gives it life it

so that it blossoms to provide shade from the scorchy sun

for even those who scared it

The blood in your pieces of advice runs in our veins

Urging us to take giant steps with these cassava sticks of our dreams and aspirations

Your resounding tutugborvi peacefully chews up our sadness

And grinds it in to a half moon smile

That ploughs our memories and tills the fields our thoughts and souls

As the seeds of love and gratitude breathe in the songs of your name sang by our hearts

The moonlight drums for sunlight to dance

to the song of gone by years which nods to the

Reminiscing stories you told to your four little stars

Of how they could grow to become the moon

And untie the web, life had built around their individual lives

By recycling the weft and waft of the cold fire set under their individual pots

Into burning tapestry fire approved and sustained by Yehowa Zebaot.

So we refuse to offer a wreath of tears but gratitude and appreciation

For our memory’s heartbeat do not hide under the calabash of being lost



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2 responses to “Memory’s Heatbeat

  1. sweetseyram

    February 16, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    A beautiful piece for a priceless woman whose memory lives on!! Selikem, you must make her proud!

  2. Russel

    February 28, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Nice. Touching.


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