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Still I rise!! FUCK you PHDs

Still I rise!! FUCK you PHDs

Today is one of those days I feel so pissed off that the best I can do is laugh and just continue to observe proceedings. Indeed some people know no shame. The Ewes have a saying that ‘adu konu dpeme le vo’ which literally means that they smile at you but have bad intentions for you but one thing they don’t realize is that  I’m not working to please anybody and would never lick boots(cos I don’t want to lick dog shit) to get what I want or go as far as back back biting people to earn favors cos my teeth might break. Still I rise and will make my mark once God grants me good health and brains. My dignity is greater than favors. The only one who favors me is God and that’s all that I need and will ever need. Life is not a rat race. Even if it were, you’ll still be a rat when you win the race. I do lion races cos even when I lose I’ll still be a lion.


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