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Let me hang by the window of your heart

And be insanely dazed by your wild charm

Let the cemetery of your loneliness be lined up with forget me nots

As my eyes gleam like a dew caught under the first ray of the sun

At the sight of the notes from the orchestra of your beauty

Let my thoughts trap these mutual feelings

On the webs of our existence chanted by fate

As our self fulfillment intertwines with our grace

Draw me in your bow of comfort

And shoot me on a journey where the stars will gaze upon me

with envy burning through the moon’s heart

For I illuminate your light brighter than it does the sun’s

Let the truth of you be the insignia on me

Sealed with the realities brought forth from the loins of our fantasies

In the pollination of passions and faith

That metamorphoses two hearts into one

Enchantment of love brewed in an African pot


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