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Ghana Social Media Awards (Vote for Me)

Blogging Ghana launched Ghana’s first Social Media Awards last year to honor the best Ghanaian bloggers for the year 2012. Different blogs were nominated under different categories.
Thanks to nominations by my fans and readers, my Writing blog was selected under the “Best Creative, Literary Short Stories, Poetry Blog” category (HURRAY!!!!!). This nomination feels really good.
To win this I need you all to vote for my blog by tomorrow which is the deadline . It’s a simple voting process which wouldn’t take too much of you time.
Voting instructions:
  1. Enter your name and email address
  2. Look for “Best Creative, Literary Short Stories, Poetry Blog” category (I’m second on the list) and select my blog
  1. Click next at the bottom of the page
  2. enter the verification code into the box provided
  3. click submit and you are done
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One Ghana Cedi Thoughts


Today at my constituency a gentle man who was dazed by the the firm, well shaped and fexible buttocks of Asana that tolled like the old church bell at Old Catholic house in my home town Botoku, asked whether she was on facebook so he could add her as a friend,an action which led to a very interesting chat with the electorate of Hausa koko drinkers and kose nibblers on how social networks has affected our lives and whether indeed it has added value to our lives as social beings. So after analyzing ,dissecting, bisecting, evaluating and all other ‘tings’ that are employed in the thinking job market of one’s brain to arrive at a decision as though it were a destination which in most cases is not, I have like always decided to share nothing more than my One Ghana cedi thoughts with you on this issue. Personally I have been on Facebook for a while now and I have had the chance to meet and hook up with some good old friends that I lost contact with, I have also met and made new friends who are beautiful within and without but trust me there are friends and there are friends. I’m indeed one of those people who keeps just a few number of close friends and though I have over a thousand friends on Facebook I only interact with a few number of them just like you who is reading this.

  I have met some in person and we have become friends and exchangers of ideas based on our interests  whilst others  I would rather not meet physically at all since we do not even in the virtual world interact and that is just me.  To me, human relationships mean so much to me that I have recently been accused of taken friendship too serious. Though laughable as it is, it is the person’s opinion and I believe anyone who thinks like that does not know the actual value of life and living it. Whether an individual is your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend etc, you need to be friends to sustain your relationship. It is therefore imperative that you do not allow yourself to be treated as an option whilst you treat the person as a priority and over the last few months I have come to realize people are offering themselves up as options to others willingly at the very cheapest of prices that under normal circumstances need no bargaining and yet their low cost self prices are still bargained for, leaving them with a price of nothing. I have heard stories from people on how easy it is to get laid via Facebook and other social networks in matters of hours depending upon your ‘wildness’ as they put it.

According to one of my sources he even arranged a threesome for a popular radio presenter and DJ of one of the cosmopolitan radio stations in Accra. According to him he has had his fair share of fun with quite a number of girls who became his friends via Facebook and trust me the story is the same with some friends who have been bold and proud to speak about their sexual escapades via Facebook. According to him some of the ladies actually initiated the move and all the guy has to do is to push the idea. Now the question that has been lingering in my mind is whether these social networks especially Facebook has removed the blanket of morality in terms of sexual orientation and relationships that kept society warm and cozy in years gone by or is it a case of an avenue which was lacking made available for society  to reflect  its true self? One of the things I find amusing and pathetic about this situation is that, though society-wise guys can brag to their friends and point out the ladies they have slept with which I believe is so very wrong, the ladies are also doing the same thing these days. They get to compare notes as though it was a class they are taken and are preparing for final exams.  My interactions with some ladies has revealed that they grade on the guys performance in bed and so you can have five girlfriends sleeping with the same guy because he satisfies their fantasies of what good sex should be like. The most interesting thing about this new craze for one night or one day stands as it is in most of these cases is that we have some married and prominent people who others look up to as role models involved in this sexual charades with the unmarried ones. With all these happening my one Ghana cedi mind cannot just understand why these sites are not referred to sex networks because to me sex is not a social event and as such anything cyber that will create the avenue of sexual exploration of individuals rather than creating an avenue of social bonding which supersedes any kind of networking should not be called a social network. Damn what happened to the chasing, the rehearsals in front of the mirror, the practicing of your speech and tone per sentence,the dressing up and checking your breath, the rejection to see whether you were serious or not, your persistence and perseverance(as my brother-in-law will say), your gentle manliness in spite of the initial rejection and how everything crushes down and you breath a sigh of relief when she says YES?

Now let me pause to have a good laugh(hahahahahahahaha hoooyiiiiiii) a laugh prompted by the notion that some ladies after reading this will start asking themselves whether i know that they have slept with some friends of mine the met through Facebook or not.Hahahahahahahaha. Well. it was a choice you made to get laid and it was his choice to lay you.So whether you are the layer or the ‘layee’, it is you one Ghana Koko.

Well, as usual the clock is ticking and my one Ghana cedi is almost exhausted. If you want to have an open discussion with me tomorrow meet me at the koko base near the Nima Junction and let us drink and nibble as we talk and discuss the way forward. I just hope my one Ghana cedi worth of Hausa koko and kose will be enough for us to share as these one Ghana cedi thoughts of mine

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Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

It just occurred to me to me today that we are all hell bound because we are all liars. Sweet bloody liars! The amazing thing is we even smile when we lie. The kind of lie I’m referring to, needs no special skills to execute, it’s just a combination of two or three words. Per my understanding based on my religious upbringing all sins are equal in the eyes of God and carry the same mark though I doubt God has a marking scheme for marking our sins. So just imagine, a common lie sin and a fornication sin carry the same marks. No major sin marks or minor sin marks. All sin be sin! This is as scary as sending a message to your Ewe father who is a soldier or a teacher or a carpenter who has told you countless times that he was always first in class when he was a child that you have failed your exams just as you did the other semester.

So today when I woke up courtesy of my two alarm clocks (the one that only men have and stands perpendicular every morning just to ring and the one on my phone) I had my quiet time and decided not to follow you guys in committing this sin again. To be quite candid with you I had some naughty thoughts that made me feel hanging like an unbalance cocoa scale and to curtail this thought I started reciting the memory verse I learnt this morning. Now as I get to my workplace, I meet some of my colleagues who I shake hands with and walk away to my office. Five minutes after settling in my chair and switching on my laptop,  Ekosiwaa walks in. Now here is a lady colleague and friend who is that one out of many who is not just physically beautiful and hot but also beautiful in terms of character. Secretly almost all the guys in the office crave for her and drool in their minds when they hug her. At times I believe even mosquitos flirt with her before they bite here and when they do it’s so gentle that she feels no pain. With these descriptions I hope the guys reading this are not drooling in their minds and the ladies chuckling to themselves out of a little bit of envy. I would have described her as a lady with a perfect body if her buttocks were a little bit more pronounced than they are. I mean the kind of buttocks that looks like two over flowing balls of fufu placed side by side in an asanka. After lighting up my office with her smile she opens her arm wide for a hug to which I oblige. In the course of hugging her she says‘Koku how are you?’.

As I have already told you I have promised God and myself that I was not going to lie.  Hell no! But then again is she sure she really wants to know how I am? Earlier on I was feeling a little bit horny which is human nature and took measures to curtail it and here I am locked in an embrace like a love padlock from the shrine with a beautiful girl who I sometimes fantasize about and she wants to know how I am. Well with how I was feeling based on the resurgence of my naughty thoughts, it was either she was going to take offense at what I was going to say or laugh it off as a joke. Either ways one of us was going to be hurt and so I just smiled and told her she really didn’t want to know which took her aback.

Let’s be a little honest with ourselves, most of the time we all lie that we are fine when we are asked how we are by people and as I said all liars are hell bound per our religious beliefs. So I beg of you only ask me ‘How are you?’ if you really want to know my true state of mind and body and not because it is a formality because I do not want to be led me into the temptation of telling the commonest lie in the world.

*****If you do not wish to lie , do not answer questions you know, they do not want to know answers to. If there were no questions, there would be no lies.******


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I’m feeling really exhausted today like an old mule placed in a race with foals. My mind seems to be on so many things with no clear cut decision on what to do. I feel trapped and suffocated like a crucified Jesus on a rosary between the huge juicy breasts of a young lady running towards the chapel. Now to be honest this is not the first time I’m feeling this way but I just can’t seem to get myself out of this mood. Some of my friends ( note that I use the word ‘friends’ carelessly in this instance) say I’m no longer caring since I no longer offer them the closure they want. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to them that they are being bloody selfish and haven’t noticed I’m going through some real life changing stuff here. All a brother needs is some space to do some thinking and restructuring in his life. I guess I’ve now discovered the real meaning of being poor. Poverty has nothing to do with money, You are entrenched in poverty if you have people around you who only think of what you can offer them. IMG-20130123-00412[1]

Shit happens and I put it on a Sheet


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How Do We Pray


Over the past few days I have been doing analysis of my prayer life(its not as if I pray everyday too oooooh)and I have realized how strange it is.Trust me I can go on and on chatting with friends on relevant and silly issues but whenever I have to pray I can only say between three and eight sentences.As a poet I shouldn’t have problems with words for adoration,thanksgiving,worship among others for God because I have written poems to praise the beauty of women,life  among others out of nothing yet when it comes to that one on one thing with God I just go mute after two, three lines. I have for some days now tried asking friends how to pray with many sentences and I’m yet to be given a formula (if there is any at all) yet they rap prayers faster than any rap artiste I know.

Aside my inability to pray lengthy prayers, I sometimes wonder if every prayer has to be aggressive and interlaced with strong speaking in tongues as most of my charismatic friends do when they pray . My understanding of prayer is that it is a conversation between an individual and God(at least that’s what my non theological mind tells me) and as such must follow certain patterns depending on the theme for prayer.At times I just cant help but stop praying and watch people in church pray with all aggression even when they are asking God for a favor and I wonder how many of us could go to someone we need something from and ask for our need with such aggression.(Gosh,God is really merciful). I can just picture a 16 year old boy who goes to his father to ask for his school fees and begins to scream as most of us do when we are praying “Daddy I want my School fees’ (the lashing igo receive paaaah.ino go be small). For christsake, God is not deaf and frankly speaking If i were God I won’t answer any of such prayers(but I’m not God so I just have to leave with it) After all most of us pray to God when we are in trouble or need something badly from him.

Personally I believe God looks at our hearts and analyzes our intents during prayer sessions and as such we need watch the tone and our composure whenever we are praying. This not withstanding I still want to know how to say lengthy prayers cos I’m getting fed up with these three, four line prayers of mine. Shalom

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