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Tonight I thought of you
Of how it would feel like
To lay together in the open and let the stars gaze at us
With your head on my chest
Listening to my heart’s soprano
As I run my hand through your hair
Between us, a loud silence that speaks
The language of our untamed love
Tonight I thought of you
Of whether the moon has relayed the message
Of how I miss you
Like a slut misses her period
My mind is pregnant with thoughts of you
This labor of love can be tough at times
So please come deliver me
Come, set my heart at ease
Tomorrow I will think about you
About your beaming smile that the sun carbon copied
I will wonder if you are also thinking about me
If your heart dances and smiles because of me
And whether just like me you drink from our memories’ fountain
I will think of all the things I want to tell you and why
Then conclude that, the best way to do so
Is to love you
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I Want To Write A Poem

I Want To Write A Poem

I want to write a Poem

For lovers,Haters,broken-hearted, the strong, the wise and the foolish

about these thoughts I have

Of love,ethos,pathos and logos

controlling our heartbeats,blood running through our veins

Making us hyperactive,inactive,timid,brave,fools,wise,weak,strong, stupid and courageous.

Anytime we see,hear,feel,smell,touch

What we desire,aspire for, deserve, reach for

Not knowing whether it is what we

Deserve,need,must have in order to live a full life

And so we plunge ourselves into this illusion,reality,truth,lie,fact

of human emotion and thought called Love

I want to write a Poem

From me for me, you, everyone, no one,someone

About these thoughts I have

About everything, nothing, something, anything

Which I have seen, learned,read,experienced, seen, not read about, not seen and know nothing about.

For life has thrown a lot,a little ,nothing,something, everything at me

Leaving me to decode,synchronize and decipher things my mind and soul can and cannot comprehend

but believes it has comprehended

So in my sanity,madness,confusion, Clarity,revelation, blindness

I have to write this Poem with nothing,everything something ,anything as the theme

Hoping I get an audience willing enough to read my thoughtfulness,my nonsense,my absurdity,my clarity

And look me straight in the eyes and say we are as confused,convinced,educated,uneducated, knowledgeable ignorant

About life and living it as you are.

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