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Sing Babe! Sing

Sing babe


let your voice soak our souls

in the dripping sacrament of our ecstasy

and ignite the night with our passions

for there is no reason of shame between us

we are a part of each other

flesh of flesh and bones of bones of each other

grinding to the wheel of fate steadily


sing babe


let us get intoxicated with each other’s presence

as we feel the lyrics of our tongues’ music

when our lips collide with each other in a wild hive of desires

drawing an intense chorus of palpitating veins and hearts

causing our limbs to navigate the depth we swim in

let us breathe in deeply and hold our breath together

In a silent conversation where or bodies speak

and our hearts listen


sing babe


let us glide on the wings of our voices

to touch the clouds that gloat to kiss our feet

whilst holding on to each other in a strong but tender embrace

and gently unfolding layers upon layers of raw and inert hunger

knowing that I belong to you just as you belong to me

let our bodies enter that utopian trance and convulse back to reality

remember that love brought us here

and it is that love that has set us free







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Love is Beautiful

Love is Beautiful

Nourish me with the firmness of your breast
As I bury my head in the valley of your beauty’s cleavage
Cause my heart to race with your touch
As you take my breath away with your warm embrace
Then resuscitate me with the taste of your lips
Juggle my thoughts with the swaying of your curvy hips
And let my emotions pendulum as you tickle my fantasies
I want to kiss you deeply with a fevered tongue inside your well of souls
Then drown myself in the pleasure of your womanhood
There I will allow myself to get lost in the scent and taste of  a pure woman
As I devour you without kindness and with my passionate rawness
I can almost hear the sounds of your rhythmic breath
Aroused as you whisper my name beneath the pleasure
Hold on, we are just friends now
But I dream of you as my lover
And so until that time when we can do what lovers do
Let these thoughts be a purgatory of desire

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My Chronicles 2 (Life of a battered Young Woman)

My Chronicles 2 (Life of a battered Young Woman)


There are times you need to check the pieces of your life and tick some off as mistakes that should have never occurred and this chapter is one of them. Anytime I think about my relationship with James, I do not know whether to curse him or curse the day I allowed him into my life. I met James during the first half of the first semester of my first year in the University. Now, Ideally he wasn’t the one I wanted to date. I had wanted to date Eric a colleague, but Eric was also interested in Sitso my now best friend. Since I couldn’t have Eric, I decided to make sure that he also didn’t get to date Sitso by telling her lies how Eric had confided in me that the only reason he had befriended her was to get into her pants and dump her later. Up till now I still can’t believe she swallowed it line, hook and sinker because Eric was and is still just an adorable cool, calm and collected guy who would place anyone’s happiness above his when he deeply cared about the person. These days I see how Sitso struggles with her relationships and I wish I just didn’t separate her from Eric. Well, enough of the regrets. Let me continue with the James story. James was a year ahead of us and like any ‘adventurous guy, plunged himself into the whole ‘September rush’ thing. His initial target had swerved him so he fell on his back up plan ‘me’. The initial idea was to drain him of some cash by pretending I was interested because the school fees was expensive and I had to struggle for my upkeep in school. James however unlike me, comes from a well to do home and being the first child and only boy, his parents made sure he had virtually everything he wanted. We were friends for a couple of weeks and then he started taking me out to dinners and social events and out of the blues proposed to me. I told him I needed time to think about it and he agreed to give me time to do so. One day as early as 3:00 the strumming of a guitar outside our door woke my roommate and I up. We looked at each other confused as to who would be playing a guitar right outside our door at that time of the night. Then he began to sing Brandy’s ‘Have you ever’. In all honesty if Brandy had sang the song the way he sang it, it would have made absolutely no sale but the mere fact that he thought of an idea of singing to me at dawn and not caring if he woke up the whole hostel, sent a sweet sensation down my spine. I got out of bed smiling like a lunatic set free from the asylum, unlocked the door and planted a fat kiss on his lips that germinated into a yell of joy that attracted some cusses and insults from sleepy mouths.

The first month of our relationship was like a honeymoon. I was served breakfast in bed and treated like a real lady then it began to the envy of most of my other female colleagues. The sex was great too. I mean the kind that had your toes curl and tingle just by thinking about it. He did know how to make me come in many ways that one. On weekends we will visit his parents or younger sister and boy oooh boy did the love to have me around. During the second month things changed drastically. He warned me about getting close to any other guy at the hostel and that apart from his room I was not to go into any other guy’s room. At first I thought it was a joke but when he refused to eat the supper I had prepared for him but rather dumped it with the plate into the dustbin because he saw me coming out of Eric’s room I knew he was serious. There was this particular night that together with some other guys including Eric, they decided to go out for two parties they had been invited for. Around mid-night the whole hostel was up because on their way to the hostel James had picked a fight with Kwabena saying he suspected Kwabena was flirting with me. It had gotten to that point where if Eric had not practically dragged Kwabena away there was going to be a bout. That was when I discovered that anytime James had some alcohol his mental faculty switched to crazy mood. The next morning he left the hostel without a word to me and I thought he just needed some space to clear his mind. Around noon I was in my room when I heard a drunk James screaming my name on the corridor.

‘Gina Gina your whore, idiot! You think you can play with my heart eeerh? Today I teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.’

I rushed and locked my door. He tried to open the door but when he realized it was lock started banging on it and screaming

‘ Herh! Open this door right now if you do not want more trouble. I break this door oooh! Ashawo!’

I was so embarrassed all I could do was sit on my bed with my head between my thighs and weep. True to his words he broke down the door and with his belt in his hands, he gave me the beating of a lifetime. When he was exhausted. He half picked himself up and left the room. Now I know you are asking yourself whether there was no one apart from us at the hostel. Well there were others there, and they refused to come and stop him because I had stopped talking to most of them when they tried to warn me about James. Later that evening Sitso came from home to visit me. Well I do not know whether someone called to inform her of what James had done to me but one look at me and she decided it would be better if I follow her home so she could take care of me. I ended up spending a week at Sitso place and she advised that I end the relationship with James. When I got back to the hostel, I realized my door had been fixed, my bed sheet and curtains changed and a new laptop on my bed. I knew he was the one who had done all these so I packed everything and sent them to his room. He was out of the hostel and it was only his roommate who was there and so I poured the things on his bed and left him a note that I wanted to have nothing doing with him again.

For the next two weeks he was constantly begging me to forgive him, and that he didn’t know why he did what he did but no amount of begging was going to make me go back. Then he felt sick shortly and got admitted to the hospital and his mother came to plead with me to at least visit him since she suspected he wasn’t getting any better because of me. Out of respect for the mother, I agreed to visit him at the hospital, he said he would kill himself if I leave him, promised to be of great behavior and as it will turn out I found myself in his arms again. Everything was going on well then it got to a time the sex really began to suck. We will caress each other and set the mood, then he will undress me and stare at my body for long and tell me he was not in the mood. There were times he would shove things into my vagina all in the name of us being adventurous sexually and film these. Though I was not really comfortable with all of these, I partook in them all in the name of love and hoping it would revive his sex drive, at least that was what I thought. Then one day, I caught him having sex with another lady in his room. When I confronted him, he said left to him alone, he would not have sex with me because I stink and sealed it off with a sound beating. I cried the whole night and it got to a point I felt my eyes were going to fall out of their sockets and decided he wasn’t worth it. I called his mother to inform her that I had ended the relationship with her son because I could no longer take the abuse and then she came to visit me the next day.

She told me that men will always be men and that if I loved her son, I should stick by him no matter what he does to me because she knew he really loved me. That was when I realized her husband treated her the same way her son was treating me. I apologized to her and told her, I’ve had my fair share of abusive relationships and wanted a man who would treat me right. I told her that her son had filmed some of our sexual escapades and threatened to put them on the internet if I broke up with him but if she really loved her son she would advise him not to try that since there would be dire consequences. With this she stood up hugged me and left. The last time I checked, James is in Australia and married with two kids and has not yet killed himself because I left him. Next week I’ll tell you about Pastor Fred.


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Judging A Book

Judging A Book

He just couldn’t wait for her to undress. He could actually hear his heart beat to the pulsing of his blood veins like thumping of a Makola mummy’s buttocks to the rhythm of her slow but sure steps. He wasn’t sure whether he should help her out of her clothes or not, well, there is no need to rush for his table has indeed been set. It was a though she was shy but the both knew she wasn’t.  What he was seeing before him would make any sex starved man forget his name and who he was. He had always been fascinated about fair ladies and boy oooh boy tonight was going to be the night…

He was feeling bored and the stress at work was not helping matters at all. The only consolation he had was that it was a Friday and he just couldn’t wait for the day to end. As the time crept like the slow motion effect in Nigerian films he let out a heavy sigh when the giant intimidating clock across his desk indicated 5:30. Just as he was about to step out his neighbor Joe had called to tell him the lights had gone out. Oooooh hooooo! Ecg paaaaaa! With nothing to go and do at home he decided to chill out at Celsbridge.

The room was dimly lit and she was the only person on the dance floor. Her dance moves were flawless it was as though she was having the deepest intimacy with the music blurring out of the speakers. He could virtually hear her groan and moan with the whipping of her hair back and forth in a sensual motion he had never seen. He took his seat at the bar and ordered for three shots of Captain’s Rum and a Red Bull and feels himself get into a trance of wanting her after his third order.  Tired of dancing alone, she makes her way towards the side of the bar where he is seated. He could feel his heart race as that of a rat ready to burst out of it burrow to escape the ‘B3la Boys’ digging. Surprisingly, she the next empty seat next to him,  orders the same drink as his and smile coyly at him. This is the opportunity he had been waiting for. He had never done anything of this sort but tonight his trap was going to catch this ‘B3la’. After introducing himself to her and offering to pay for her drinks, they get chit chatting until he finally tells her he wants her to spend the night with him. As they leave the pub and wander off to his house he giggly whispers into her ears

‘I think I’ve found my day and night. And that’s you!

The lights were still off when they get to his place. After fidgeting with the key in the door lock trying to insert the key into the key hole, the key finally found its mark and voila, the door opened. Still feeling tipsy, they clumsily caress and kiss their way to the bedroom. As they draw closer to the bed she shoves him gently unto it and giggles seductively. Then she began to dance to the melody of the night’s own music, holding him spell bound to the bed. Her silhouette looked intimidatingly beautiful as the moon whose light through the Louvre blades. It was a though he was at a shrine where the clay god had come to life to dance and seduce him and indeed it it were so, he did not want to be saved now. Maybe later.

Her smile could blind a man and cause a blind man to see. She danced her way out of her dress like sea waves set lose but the winds. Just then the lights came back on. he is a little bit taken aback by the woman he saw but well, she wasn’t that bad, then as she turned her back, he lets out a frightful scream and yells,

“ Blood of Jesus! How can you back be this dark and your front fair?”

Damn! he had even said she was indeed his night and day. Now the joke was on him.

Feeling misplaced he storms out of the room with his shirt clutched to his bosom as he gasps for air like an asthmatic patient. Then his father’s words about women hit him in the face as the tipsiness vanished like steam in the air. ‘Never Judge a book by its front cover, the back cover to is equally important.’


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Finding Kuukua (6)

Finding Kuukua (6)

Musa was sitting at a table with some friends and ladies and was passively involved in the conversation happening around the table. Most often than not, he was the one who had ribs cracking at his feast of jokes and sarcasm but he was so lost in his thoughts that even google map wouldn’t be able to help him find where he was for his mind wandered as though it was a lost hunter who was trying to find his bearing but the math just didn’t add up. He had not felt strongly attracted to a woman the way he felt about Kuukua. What he felt for her was so deep that he found himself praying for her more than he did for himself. For two straight days he caught himself day dreaming about her and all the magical things he could or would do to her. His mind could trace the curve of her smile and he was sure if an examination was set on her figure he would pass with distinction. He murmured her name softly and gently as the first taste of fresh palmwine on the tongue early in the morning with a tingle that sent a ‘lorgorligi’ sensation down the spine. Just then she walked in. Even in her black dress she glowed like a thousand stars lined up at the door. From where she was standing, he could taste her on his tongue and his sense of smell of her was sharper than that of a grey hound. Indeed they say whatever will kill you will come as an appetite and this was one lady he was willing to die for but he needed to stay clear of her because he definitely knew Muniru was interested in her as our colonial masters were interested in our gold when the set their foot on our shores.

Kuukua walked straight to the bar and ordered for two shot of tequila and gulped them down in record time and smile at the waiter as she sucked on the lemon that accompanied the drinks. Just then the DJ started playing one of her Lauryn Hill favorites and she danced beautifully in her chair that just like the lyrics of the song people just couldn’t take their eyes off her. It was as though a spot light had been placed on her and she was stuck center stage performing for them. If she had done this dance before King Herod he would have given her his head on a gold platter rather that John which he offered to his daughter

When she finally moved to the dance floor it was a though she was dance itself. Her dance moves were as smooth as a baby’s buttocks and of a celestial beauty that had mouths wide open like pot holes on the roads of Ghana. He body moved like the gentle waves of a calm sea caressing Attaa Nii’s canoe whetting the appetite of his ego for a big catch. With her eyes closed she immersed herself in the melody of the song and just allowed the rhythm to lead her in the dance then she sensed a piercing look in her direction like the arrow shot from Atinga the gateman’s bow hitting a bull’s eye. She opened her eyes gently as scanned the dimly lit room for any familiar face and there he was. Like a god at a banquet with her being the main entertainment attraction. She could feel the passion in his look and she was ready to let him have it just the way she had been dreaming about it. The DJ was on his fifth track now and it was a slow jam. She wished he would walk to the dance floor and ask for a dance but she knew he wouldn’t instead he turned away and started talking to a beautiful girl beside him. Disappointed she was making her way off the dance floor when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and realized it was the guy who winked at her when she was the bar. He leaned towards her ears and said

“Let’s dance”

Kuukua smiled sheepishly at him as he led her to the dance floor and there they became one soul. The dance floor was cleared so they could have space to themselves. They danced so perfectly like the tapestry woven by a master kente weaver that some of the spectators began to have mental orgasms amidst the cheers and applause. Having had enough, Kuukua decided to go have a rest but the gentle man would just not let go of her. He went as far as suggesting that they continue the dance at his place in his bed that when Kuukua declined, he tag firmly to her arm that it hurt. Kuukua tried to push him off but her actions just gingered him on.

“Stop playing hard to get Lady, We both know you want me as I want you.” He screamed at her as he pulled her by the arm towards the exit with Kuukua fighting back like a goat being led to the slaughter house.

The next thing people saw was the gentleman lying and Musa beating the hell out of him like an angry Bukom man who caught his arch enemy stealing his last piece of fish from his pot. It took four strong men to pull Musa off the guy and when the even got him off he was still kicking wildly at the bleeding guy on the floor. All this while Kuukua in shock stood a few feet away from where the beating was taking place crying and screaming at Musa to stop. Outside Musa was still boiling inside like a pot of yam in light soup on fire. He wanted to tear the foolish guy to shreds and didn’t care if he went to jail defending Kuukua. The he dawn on him that he had not even checked to see whether she was okay before he stormed out of the club when he was pulled off the idiot. He walked toward the entrance and there was Kuukua, obviously still shaken from the incident. He stretched his hand towards her, she took hold of it and the both walked towards the car park.  At the car park he took her car key from her and asked her to go sit in the passenger seat and after making sure she was secured, he started the engine and drove off to her house. The journey was as silent as the conversation between kindred spirits in the cemetery. When they we finally at Kuukua’s place, Musa got down form the car and went to open the door for her. He held out his hand for her to hold onto as she alighted from the car. Then he brushed the hair off her forehead making her knee wobble. She held him by the shoulder and looked into his eyes. She could hear his heartbeat sing to the instrumentals of his breath. Her blood boiled with passion as he looked down at her and without thinking she kissed him on the lips gently at first, savoring the taste of his plump dark chocolate lip and strongly

Her lips tasted like none he had kissed before. Her tongue melted all his worries and anger but he needed to stop this before the fire turned really hot and burnt the two of them. He needed to break off because he had lost his breath and believed an asthma attack was about to happen. Just then a car drove past the gate creating the window opportunity for Musa break free from the kiss. Without saying a word he walked away without leaving Kukua to wonder whether she had offended him or not.

Muniru could not believe his eyes, here was the lady he wanted to himself kissing his brother. He suspected that something of this sort was going to happen immediately he received the phone call from his spy about what had transpired at the club. Jeez! He needed to act fast and super fast if he really wanted to have Kuukua all to himself.

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Finding Kuukua (5)

Finding Kuukua (5)

‘What the hell are you doing Kuu? Are you possessed? Oh my God!’ Kobby exclaimed.

How long had he been standing there? Who cares? What a kill joy he is. Just as she was about to climax, he had to appear like an Easter ghost. Feeling a little bit ashamed that she had been caught in the act, Kuukua got up from the couch and began to put on her nightie.

“What are you doing here?”

She enquired with a pinch of anger and embarrassment in her voice. Without waiting for a response she walked off to the bedroom and changed into a jeans skirt and her favorite cream blouse. The one Adez bought for her when she told her she had popped her cherry. They both had weird things they celebrated and over the years this had actually shaped and deepened their relationship. For instance, when Adez left her rich boyfriend because he was so engrossed with his work and had very little time for her, they had a party and invited some few friends over. She was sure Adez was first going to listen to her with a cloak of sympathy and surprise over her face and then going to tease her when she told her but right now she needed to clear her head and get rid of the tension building up in her. Though Kobby was around she, knew he was a lost cause in helping her fulfill her desire to reach her first orgasm, for it was going to be like using green pepper instead for ‘kpakposhitor’ for a hot steamy pot of palmnut soup with all the right accoutrements. She walked back into the living room and Kobby was sitting on the couch and without saying a word to him she walked to the center table, picked her car key and walked out.

Kuukua drove around town going nowhere in particular until she finally decided it was time for her to go to and have a good dance at the Fantasy Night Club. Maybe a good dosage of dancing would calm her sexual libido down. She needed Adez to come with her so that at least there would be someone to pull her reins when she was going too fast. Among the two of them Adez was the crazy and spontaneous one who did crazy stuffs and later regretted but she was the more reserved kind who thought through things and weighing out her options like bags of cocoa  on a scale before venturing into anything but it seemed that that was not the case today. Kuukua called Adez’s phone like three times yet got no response and told herself that, she might be very busy since it was a Wednesday. So she drove off to the nightclub all alone after leaving a voice message.…

The sounds of the midnight blues had her heart beating, reminiscence of her days she and Kuukua used to dance their hearts out when anyone of them was dealing with an issue. Today’s business was great and she had a lot of old and new customers coming through. Running her own beauty shop was great since she was her own boss and no man would demand for sex before offering her a job. Most of the time she wondered why some men did that and decided it was not worth thinking about since most women would choose and decide which man to sleep with and not the other way round. All her workers had left and it was left with only her. Tonight she was feeling a little naughty and wouldn’t mind getting laid but her regular sex mate was out of town and she was sure Kuukua would be asleep. The music was mesmerizing. She reached under the counter and turned it up until she could feel the bass of the beat pounding through her heart. She went to the front door and switched the display lights off, which with the tinted windows allowed her some privacy.

She turned the front door to lock or so she thought. She had not noticed the door slightly propped open with a pebble. Causing the door to look closed but was actually ajar. The beat had her in a trance like a possessed charismatic church prophetic warrior. The music was just feeling so intense to her, her mind danced with the music and memory of the handsome guy who always was the last to come to her shop before she closed to buy some aloe Vera creams. His eyes lit up when she flirted with him when he came around three weeks ago and that was the last time she saw him. He must have traveled, she thought to herself. His smile with his dimpled cheeks caused her nipples to perk to a tautness the other time and she knew he realized it

With some afforded privacy, since everyone was gone and the beat of the music calling to her to just let loose, Adez did just that. She pulled the jeweled pick out of her long curly hair and swayed her hair from side to side while bent at the waist. She let her fingers run loose in her hair. She turned up and saw her image reflected in one of the mirrors lined up on the wall. With thoughts of that man, her eye popped out like an owl’s at night. The hip outfit she had on was good but for some reason after thinking about the man. She decided it needed to come off. She was in the mood to do something daring tonight. She started by swaying her hips to the music. The words dangerously poured from the speakers,the song was singing to her and she felt dangerous. She was going to strip to the nude and rock her naked body all over the store. Knowing a passerby might be able to catch a small glimpse of her naked body through the dimly lit store as she drew all the blinds.

First off was her top. She wrapped it in each hand and began to rub it back and forth between her legs under her skirt, leaving her in only the black lace bra on top. After several up and down motions with her shirt between her legs, she tossed it off to the floor as though she was a stripper entertaining a group of boys who were raining fifty cedi notes on her. The music had her do a few dance moves with hip popping, finger snapping and head twists. She pulled down her skirt and slid it down slowly with her tight round ass facing to the front end of the store. She let each beat of the music cause her skirt to lower slowly as she bent at the waist. The skirt landed on the floor and she stepped out of it in her heels in just her thong underwear and lace bra. The she did a few more moves to the beat. The beat of the music slowed and then built up fast to a sound of a smack. The song was telling her to smack that. She loved being spanked for arousal of some blood pumping sex. The feel of a strong man’s spank would cause the blood to rush to her clitoris, allowing for a tingling that got her ready for a for some real action which seemed elusive but all the same she was just going to preten and have some great fun

The beat of the music got her thinking of the man from earlier smacking her on the ass. She did a pose and with a twist of her body she bent at the waist, flipped her hair down, and back up fast. She turned again and smacked herself on her ass and the sting of her hand got her blood rushing. She began moving to the music, reached for a fedora hat off a display of hats, and slipped in on her head. She strutted around the shop in only her bra and thong. She made it back behind the counter and swayed her hips from side to side. She clicked the keys on the computer register to start the closing of the sales for the day. A lull between the songs caught her attention when she thought she heard a man clear his voice. Then the next song started up and she went to the second register. Once that one was done, she did a few dance moves to the song and when she popped her head back up, he stood behind the counter with the deepest grin on his face and sparkle so bright in his eyes, she was sure he saw some of it… most of it, or perhaps with the way he was looking at her, he saw all of it.

She grabbed the towel off her the rack nearest to her to cover herself up. The beat of the music kept pumping loud; however, she was sure her heart was pumping louder. How long had he been standing there? Why hadn’t she heard him enter or the chime of the entry to the door? Mostly, why had the front door not locked? He cleared his throat, held out his hand, and practically yelled his name. “Hi, I’m Edem.” Then she realized how loud she must have had the music on. She reached with one hand down under the counter to turn the music down while still trying to cover her cleavage with her other hand. She smiled coyly as the music dropped to a regular volume. He spoke up again as she had not shook his hand that he had offered. “I just got back into town and rushed here to get some of the aleo vera cream before you locked up” He looked deep into her eyes. She bet he was won

She looked into his eyes and realized that her opportunities just grew bigger with the moment. He was attracted to her and there was no doubt she was attracted to him. She stepped up her bravado, tied the towel around her waist, walked out from behind the counter, and walked to the front door. Looking for the culprit that kept the door from locking, she eyed the pebble and kicked it outside to the sidewalk, then closed and locked the door and walked back. He had leaned himself back against the counter and his loose shorts and boxers could not hide what she knew was there. She walked up to him and let her hand travel from his neck to around the front of his chest and down his abs to a light brushing of his crouch. “Nice to meet you.” Just as her hand lifted away from his zipper, she felt a twitch between his legs and she smiled. “I’m Adez.” She eyed him up and down as if he was candy and she wanted to lick his alewa.

He was a shy one. His body was screaming yes but he was leaning against the counter gripping it for dear life now. She knew she would have to take the lead and show this guy how into him she was. She stood and smiled while holding a container of the aloe vera cream she had picked from one of the display stands on the counter. He hadn’t reached for it yet. “How many of these do you want?” she smiled. “you know I can give you more than this right?” She wiggled her waist and pushed up her breasts. The sweat on his forehead let her know he was waiting for that answer as he finally let go of the counter and set his firm large hand on her hip, lowered to one knee and let his hand graze the front of her thong. He looked up into her eyes and she smiled down to him shaping the word ‘yes’ with her mouth.. He looked back up at her as his hands set on either side of her thong. “Take it off.” She instructed him. As she let the clasp of her bra undo and slid it off her breasts and the straps down her arms, the pupils of his eyes enlarged, along with the dimples in his smile. He let the thong slide down the length of her body to the floor and she stepped out of it. Then she slightly stepped her legs apart and laid a hand on his thick lush black hair. When he looked back up into her eyes pleading with their deep bright intensity she spoke with certainty. “I’m willing.”

As if she unleashed him from the bonds that were making him hesitant, he smiled and let his eyes travel from her breasts to her belly to her fountain of sensitivities, which she was sure, was giving off the scent of fuck me now. The sweet gentle brush of his lips on her inner thigh was nice, sweet even. However, she now wanted his tongue-lashing and lapping in her fountain. The intense feeling of his hot tongue on her with the music still beating in the background was erotic. The feel of his thick lush hair in her hand as she felt the motion of his head with each tongue-lashing was intensely surreal. Sex with a gorgeous man was not out of the question for her, but with a complete stranger, it made the whole experience so much more intense. They took turns working on each other’s pleasure points and feeling his naked bare skin against her body sent sensations to every sensual spot in her body. She wanted every inch of him touching her. She wanted him in her; she wanted his fingers and hands touching her everywhere. She opened her mouth slightly and then he let his mouth devour her. She loved the taste of him, the feel of his tongue as he deepened in her mouth. The way his lips tingled against her caused her to want to cum. She let herself moan loudly and let her hands wander over his back and up to his neck. His lips pulled away and he groaned into her neck. The vibrations sent shivers throughout her body causing her to smile. His voice on her skin, when he spoke next to her ear, began warming her skin back up. “I wanted you the second I saw you tonight. How is this possible?”

She pulled back just enough to look into his eyes and smiled a wicked smile. “It just is.” She let her fingers run up and down his chiseled chest and enjoyed the way his muscles flinched just a tad from her touch. Then as if a light switch turned on, he went from cautious and gentle, to greedy and hungry. Well she knew how to feed a lion. They both climaxed at the same time and it felt like a a fire set on earth that had caused lightning in the heavens. After he had left, Adez, all bubbly dressed up and headed home. Her phone rang and she picked it up only to realize it was a message from Edem thanking her for a lovely evening. Scrolling through the phone she realized that Kuukua had called her three times and left her a voice message.




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Finding Kuukua (4)

Finding Kuukua (4)

Immediately he entered the room Muniru felt the vibe between Kuukua and his brother. Truth be told, he had been tailing Kuukua for a while and wanted to have her all to himself. He had just like a master hunter laid his bait for his prey tactfully and like a lion he was not going let her go to another alpha male no matter  who he was. Not even his own brother for even though blood is thicker than water, hausa koko too is thicker than blood. He had seen the chemistry that was brewing between them. Her eyes glowed and squinted and he could feel her body vibrate to the rhythm of her heart beat that sound like the thumping of a calabash placed upside down on water when Musa held her hand. He wanted her like an obroni need sun lotion to keep his or her skin from tanning. What was he thinking knowing pairing Musa, a gigolo with a beautiful woman on a project without thinking would breed trouble? There were times he wished he was Musa. His brother just had a certain connection with women that was difficult to comprehend. It was as if he left an indelible sweetness on the tongues of their curiosity anytime he approached any woman and they never felt aggrieved when he dumped them. Muniru was sure if King Solomon were alive in this age and time, his brother Musa would have indeed been a worthy foe to the King in the affairs of women.

The meeting was quiet tensed and Kuukua could feel the heat of dislike the two brothers felt for each other. It was as though the sun had been plucked from the skies and placed directly in the conference room. You could virtually see smoke puffing out of Musa’s ears and nostrils like an old chimney at an old mission house when Muniru told him that he needed him to be the subject  for  a  documentary on how gigolo’s operate in Ghana. Saying he was outraged was actually an understatement on how Musa felt as he stormed out of the office, and to make matters worse, Muniru shouted the most ridiculous offers anyone could make to his blood brother. A million Ghana Cedis!

Kuukua wondered whether she had just joined the circus or maybe there were hidden cameras around filming her reaction to the drama unfolding before her and someone would jump out of nowhere and scream that she had was being punked. There was somehow a sexiness to Musa’s anger that made her smile like a shy school girl who was being talked to by her crush to herself. His features were more defined that it felt as though his saucepan belly had been dissolved by the anger like salt sprinkled on steaming kotomire. She found Muniru attractive but Musa was the one who had charmed her and moreover she had vowed never to have anything romantic with her boss and was not going to break her vow.

Once he had sat in his car, Musa burst out into a hysterical laugh. So Muniru was actually interested in Kuukua. He knew his brother like the clouds knew the intensity of the sun’s heat yet just like the clouds he always accommodated him. Well it was good to see his brother had found someone he was interested in but from all indications Kuukua seemed attracted to him rather than Muniru. This was the right opportunity to take his pound of flesh but he was not the revengeful type so he was just going to walk away and be the bigger man though the offer was tempting. He drove off as Kuukua emerged from the building and headed straight home. Had she seen him laughing? So unusual of him, Musa drank pineapple juice that evening instead of his customary chilled bottle of beer that soothed his throat and paved the way for his usual fufu or banku supper. All he could think about was the beauty of Kuukua’s arse in her skirt she wore as she bent over to type on her computer when he entered the conference room. It was as beautiful as two yam mounds created by a Dagaati man ready to receive some yam seeds but it was her calm nature  like palm wine in a well-polished calabash when things got heated between Muniru and himself that swayed him into having a deep respect for her now. He was going to avoid her like a plague.

When Kuukua got home the first person she called was Adez, who despite her busy Wednesday was glad that Kuukua had called. She knew instantaneously that something was bothering her best friend and offered to pass by Kuukua’s place but Kuukua declined with the excuse of Kobby going to be around and though she promised Adez she would call her before she goes to bed so they can talk, she knew Adez could pull a surprise on her by coming over, but who cared? Adez was more than a best friend, she was the sister that came out of friendship and her confidant.  Kuukua changed into a silk robe and decided that it was not necessary to wear panties. She went back to the living room and tried to wrap her head around what had happened earlier on and though Muniru had called her to apologies, all she could think about was Musa. It was a though his image had been hot plated and etched in her memory and wanting to loosen herself she went to fetch the bottle of wine she had bought for Kobby from the fridge and poured out a glass for herself. As she took the first sip she began to wonder why she was drinking alcohol but the sharp sweetness of the wine urge her on with its charm on her tongue and before she realized what was happening to her, she had drank more than half the bottle. The tipsiness she felt made her crave for some hot steamy sex  session that would burn her sweetly and leave her speaking in tongues like a possessed charismatic prayer warrior. She heard a car toot its horn and staggered to the window to see whether it was coming to her house.

The night reflection on her window caught her image of herself, with her piercing reddish eyes and jet-black hair. She wore it just past her shoulder blades in a straight cut. She tossed her head left and right like a model in a hair relaxer television commercial and giggled and how silly it felt to be doing so. She then let her hand slide up her body to her breast. She toyed with her nipple until it was taut. Letting the feel, of her pinch and brush motion tantalize her senses. She let the hand that was on the window tease her other nipple. She played back and forth with grabbing and squeezing her breasts, to pinching her nipples to brushing the palms of her hands over the taunt nipples. It felt so good, so right while she thought of Musa’s sexy angry face.She let her black silk robe slide off her naked body as her hands brought pleasure to her breasts and then slowly slid down between her legs.

The ledge of the tall windows was at just the right height for her to set her naked foot on the ledge. She let one of her hands slide up her body to her neck to rub as the other hand slid between her legs, brushing her palm across her naked fountain of sensitivities. The moisture had already accumulated. Feeling her knees tremble with sweet weakness, Kuukua half dragged herself from the window to the couch and continued to play with herself. She had never done this but with the deep burning sensation of excitement about to erupt from within her,she was not sure she wanted to stop. She had never felt like this during any of her love making sessions with Kobby. She felt her body getting ready to convulse and just then the door opened and all she could do was freeze.


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Finding Kuukua (3)

Finding Kuukua (3)

He began kissing her neck and ear as he took off her hair clip so her hair falls freely. His hot breathe teasing. She could feel the roughness of his palm as he began rubbing his on the back and insides of her thighs. Surprisingly the friction caused by the rub sent short circuit shocks of pleasure that made her tingle and her toes curl. Soft moans escaped her lips as she moved her legs a little farther apart. He gently slid his hand up to the top of her leg and felt the warmth and moisture she had already accumulated. She felt light headed and dizzy trying to catch her breath.His hand gently massaged over her panties touching the front of her as he dribbled soft kisses on the back of her leg. The amount of pleasure this gave her was so incredible she whimpered out.

“BIZZ – BIZZ – BIZZ” Her hand shot out like a zongo watchman’s arrow from his bow in pursuit of a fowl thief on a rainy dawn to the side and slammed the snooze button on her alarm clock reading six a.m. Stretching to wake up she realized she fell asleep to the steamy image of the man on the cover of her romance novel and her dreams filled with one particular man in mind. A man who could very easily be her mystery man. She turned off her alarm and decided it was going to be a great day and headed to the shower.

In the shower she absent mindedly toyed with the cake of soap and then as she felt the lather she rubbed her body like the models in a Lux television commercial. Even when the soap slipped from her hands and fell on her foot, she continued rubbing herself as though she was under an Ewe and Nzema dreamy spell. She closed her eyes and dreamed of a faceless man who no matter how hard she tried to give a face to, was just faceless. Still dreaming she let the water in the shower run extra hot as it steamed up her body. She let the feel of his imaginary hands run the lathered soap run over and between every space and nook on her body. She had let his hand brush once between her legs over her bald center of sensitivities and she felt the excitement build all over again. His hands fully lathered, both went up to her breasts and toyed with her nipples the way she desired to be handled. She could feel him pinch her nipples and rolled them with his fingers. Then he let the palm of his hands brush across the sensitive nipples and a slight tingling surged through her body that caused her to slip and bump her head against the wall making her feel the physical presence of reality staring down at her in the shower. She didn’t know whether she felt more embarrassed by the fact that she was actually playing with herself or the fact that she had slipped and fallen. Her only consolation though was that there were no other witnesses aside herself. Without thinking she knelt down and murmured ‘Father into your hands I commit myself please deliver me from this sweet evil’…

It had been a long time Musa woke alone in bed and it felt awkwardly sweet when he woke up. He starched his hand and it struck his mobile phone. He picked it up and looked at the time. It was just six o’clock. There was no need to hurry out of bed since the meeting with his brother was scheduled for 10:00 am. He toyed with the idea of whether continue sleeping or get up and prepare for the meeting all the same. He so much wanted to avoid the early morning traffic that normally spanned across the yawn of the old Osu road. Travelling on that route most of the time made him wonder whether government really had a clue of long term planning and executions. Webbed thoughts of why the road was never built as a dual carriage road was something that even Ananse the spider could never figure out. Not really sure of what to do Musa decided to hit the treadmill in the living room yet the only problem was how he was going to drag himself with his saucepan belly to the tread mill without losing focus for the exercise…

Kuukua glanced at her watch as she paced up and down the conference room like an abongo soldier on guard duty. She was informed thirty minutes ago that her boss Muniru wanted to have a meeting with her and another person in the conference room at 10:00am and wanting to create a good impression here she was in the conference room waiting. It was just fifteen minutes to ten and her anxiety of meeting Muniru made her feel sweaty and sticky like glue made from cassava starch. She had the urge to pee but decide against it. She practiced breathing in and out to relax her nerves which had other ideas of their own. She didn’t want to see his face when he entered so she chose a seat which had her back to the doorway.She move over to her lap top and arched herself into a posy stance as she typed…

When Musa entered the conference room her nearly screamed out of delight, and he could do was mutter “wo tu nunu” under his breath. Who was this woman with the figure of a walking guitar that had his heart charmed to her music? Her whole body was a whole orchestra producing sweet musi.c Her legs were well defined like puna yams from Salaga market and her hips we just on point. Just as he was thinking about what to say, she stopped typing and turned around and that was when their eyes lock and the recognition became clear.

Wow! So her mystery man was actually her boss? Today was indeed a good day Kuukua thought to herself. Here in front of her was the man she had fantasized about the whole night and morning. Even in his demin jeans and red stripped long sleeved shirt which had the sleeves folded to his elbow with matching red sneakers on, he looked like a demi god. Whose black sister or daughter had Zeus bedded this time to give birth to such an offspring?  Wanting to speak Kuukua found herself fumbling with her speech like a just cured dumb person at a healing and deliverance crusade.

“I didn’t hear you enter Sir’

She finally said.

“It’s a great honor to finally meet you in person. I’ve heard so much about you’

Realizing that she didn’t know who he was, Musa smiled and decided to also play along.

‘Nice to meet you too, do the nice things you’ve heard about me included me entering places unannounced?’ he joked as he stretched his hand for a hand shake to which she obliged and when the lock hands each one of them was fighting his own demon.

Her hands were as soft as fleece from a well-kept Zongo sheep and her fingers were slender and long. He nails we short and neat and look as though they we manicure when indeed they weren’t. His handshake was firm as the faith she had that her day was going to be great. Its texture remaindered her of the man in her dreams or was her imagination playing tricks on her? Both of the lost in their own thoughts, they hadn’t realized that Muniru had walked in and it was not until he let out a fake cough that they left their individual trances.

“So I see you to have met” he said.

‘Not really’ Musa replied.

“Ok then, Kuukuwa, you meet my brother Musa.”

What! He was not Muniru? How foolish could she have been? She was about to say something but decided against it. At the right time she was going to tell him her piece of mind. Musa could feel the intensity of the anger burning in Kuukua and knew she wouldn’t hesitate to put him in his place once she gets the chance but he was ready for this new adventure…


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Finding Kuukua (2)

Finding Kuukua (2)

Who was that hulk that just drove off shaking his head and smiling at her? As she thought about the crazy things she could do with him, her heart began to race like a city mouse running from a countryside cat. Though she had started working with Focus Eye Productions as a Creative Director for just two months, she had never met the owner Murinu Sherif. She had heard how much of a hulk he was and how a lot of the young ladies fantasied over him like a hungry orphan fantasying over a cup of soaked gari as though it were a meal for Kings. So unusual of her, the gossips about Muniru were tickling her personal fantasies and here she was  milling over a man she had not officially met. A man who she wouldn’t be surprised did not know she existed in the company or that she is working for him, looking at the magnitude of wealth and companies he owned around the city. Was he the man who just drove past her and somehow disappointed her by not insulting her as she expected him to do? Never in a million years did she think that she would be pawning for a man this way. However, something about this man felt right. If he was not her dream man, he definitely could be the best man  to replace Kobby.

That night the slumbering thoughts were not working and the Luther Vandross tunes she was playing from her phone since ECG had decided to put off her lights, which normally would soothe her, felt like they were poking fingers into raw nerves. Getting up to close the window, Kuukua saw her reflection with just enough light coming from her hallway and saw the worry in her face. She smiled at herself, opened her eyes wider and tilted her head just a tad, a happier looking expression shown back. She closed the curtains and thought about sleeping in the nude. As her sleep shirt hit the floor she realized there was just enough cool in the room now from the window being open that being naked made her have to pee.

“Tinkle time.” Talking to herself, she began to giggle on the way into her bathroom. Living on her own and now working alone, lately she found herself constantly talking to herself, aloud and in her head. As if, it was a calming effect on her currently wayward life. If it were not 1 a.m. on a Tuesday, she would call her best friend, Adez, to release some of her worries. Adez had always been there for her since she was a little girl. She was the sister she never had. She helped her through puberty, boys and college, and now she had helped her more than ever when she thought she lost the only man she ever considered a dad. Calling Adez would only put two people out of bed. Two people who worked hard and needed their sleep, besides Adez’s Wednesday’s at her hair salon were the busiest. She would need a darn good reason for waking her up.

Feeling silly, walking from her bathroom to her bed in only her socks, she smiled from deep within. She thought of how it would be if a man were waiting for her in her bed, to welcome her back from her late night rendezvous from the bathroom. How he would pull her naked body close and curve his body to hers, trace her cleavage with his finger, suck her nipples till they become hard and red, tickle her with wet kisses provide warmth and protection with his sweet nonsense and finally enter her gentle, rock her gently as he breathes gently yet intensely against her back and finally they both fall asleep with him still inside her. For now, she would grab an extra pillow, set it next to her stomach while lying on her side and tossing a leg over the end of the pillow. It would have to do for now. Counting sheep, it is. She thought to herself. Starting at sixty, thinking somehow that would give her a head start. A few minutes passed as she counted to herself, envisioning a peaceful place by the lake.

Realizing that counting got her nowhere she wanted to be asleep. She kicked off the comforter; grabbing her sleep shirt, she slid it back on and then the light came back on. She got out of bed and went to switch of the light, then, she slid back into bed and flipped on her reading light. She stretched her arm and scanned blindly underneath the pillow next to her and then she pulled out the new romance book she bought the day before.  Staring at the book cover which had a handsome black man in white briefs with a bulge made Kuukua feel a bit dreamy. Who wouldn’t? The man had strong features, crystal clear eyes, and a sincere smile with a detection of a dimple in his cheeks, strong jaw line and dark curly hair with sun kissed highlights…

Tonight Musa felt a little bit not himself and it was obvious with the way his dance steps not being near anything perfect. An averagely built young man with a pouch of a stomach which he referred to as a saucepan belly, Musa was just the toast for every woman that came his way. He just knew how to treat them right unlike their boyfriends and husbands and one of the things he did so well was never to get emotionally involved with any of the ladies he had an encounter with. He had perfected the act of handling women so much that even the toughest of women just melted in his arms like poki on the tongue. He had seen her walk out of the office and was struck be her beauty. To confirm things for himself he had hurriedly driven after her and his inquisitiveness paid off and yet he didn’t understand why he did what he had done. Here he was with his latest client in his arms on the dance floor with yet his mind kept oscillating like a broken pendulum between what was happening on the dance floor and her face. No woman has had this kind of effect on him he thought to himself. Well, he’ll be lying if he says that. Sitso had him at her finger tips some years ago until she crumpled his world when he caught her in bed with her brother Muniru and since that incident he just treated women like a Daily Graphic newspaper. Never going back to read it again the following day when he could a new edition to read. He hated to see himself a gigolo but in real terms that was what actually was. He glanced at his watch and realized it was 1a.m. Jeez he needed to get out of here for he had a long day ahead of him tomorrow. His brother Muniru had finally decided to ask his help on a documentary project he was contracted to do. Tonight he was not going to go for a marathon and so he led the lady off the dance floor and after she had taken her seat, he excused himself and walked out of the night club.


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Finding Kuukua (1)

Finding Kuukua (1)

She shined like a freshly rolled kube toffee on display in her coffee cloth tied with expertise around her chest as she walked past them with the pot balanced on her head like the skies holding the sun in its place. Even with just a cloth tied around her chest, she looked like combination of Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks in one on a catwalk when they were in their prime or then again well molded hills of fufu in an beautifully designed asanka with her beauty and grace being the grasscutter, smoked fish, snails, pig feet palmnut soup with every spice in the right proportion poured around the fufu and all the boys could do was whistle under tone, for they were more than dazzled by her beauty. Anyone who sees her walk by would believe that cats learnt to walk like her and not the other way round…

Kuukua always wondered why men always cat called after her but none had the courage to walk to her and express how the felt towards her. Maybe what they felt for her  was not a deep feeling that would propel them or even cause them to jerk forward like a rickety la trotro to confront her. As she shifted the gear lever of her car and pulled out of the parking space towards the main road, her mind began to drift like a calabash on a pond on how much her sex life sucked and how getting laid by another man was very tempting.  Not that she wanted another man in her life but her relationship with Kobby just lacked the kind of spark that she wanted but just couldn’t find. Two weeks ago when he came for the weekend there was nothing special about the lovemaking session they had. It was as stale as an unripe mango on the lips of a city child in the village for the first time for holidays.  Sex was supposed to be fun, at least that’s what most of the romance books she read described the act, unless they were actually lying and indeed she would  be the biggest fool to have believed in them but then again the way the other ladies talked about their sexual experiences just made not believing what this books say so wrong.

She remembers the last but one encounter she had with Kobby. On that day she had gotten home from work very early. She prepared his favorite meal, took a shower and waited for him. Immediately he opened the door she jumped into his arms locking him with her feet as though they we octopus tentacles and hugged him amidst kissing him passionately.  For one she wanted to be a whore for her man but his reaction just deflated her excitement like a puffed buff loaf that had been taken a hard bite on. Well, all hope was not lost she was going to be the steamroller he would never forget.

When they had finally made their way to the bedroom after dinner, she suggested they had a bath together to which Kobby obliged, but all he could think about was how strange Kuukua was behaving. If he hadn’t know her better he would have said she was high on something or yet still bewitched by someone but Kuukua was too much of an angel to do drugs or be bewitched.  Kuukua realized that though Kobby’s hand was on her firm breast he was not even squeezing it. Looking into his eyes, she realized he was lost in his own web of thoughts. After the bath his countenance toward their lovemaking didn’t change. It was the same number of thrusts and him collapsing on top of her as he climaxed. All her work resulted into nothing. She was beginning to believe this was just a formality and being someone who was not really a conformist, things needed to change and change fast but what kind of change was she really ready for?

She was brought back to reality by the honking of the horn of the driver who was behind her. As she made way for him to overtake her, he slowed down right by her and instead of insulting her as she expected him to do, he just smiled at her, shook his head and drove off…..


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One Ghana Cedi Thoughts


Today at my constituency a gentle man who was dazed by the the firm, well shaped and fexible buttocks of Asana that tolled like the old church bell at Old Catholic house in my home town Botoku, asked whether she was on facebook so he could add her as a friend,an action which led to a very interesting chat with the electorate of Hausa koko drinkers and kose nibblers on how social networks has affected our lives and whether indeed it has added value to our lives as social beings. So after analyzing ,dissecting, bisecting, evaluating and all other ‘tings’ that are employed in the thinking job market of one’s brain to arrive at a decision as though it were a destination which in most cases is not, I have like always decided to share nothing more than my One Ghana cedi thoughts with you on this issue. Personally I have been on Facebook for a while now and I have had the chance to meet and hook up with some good old friends that I lost contact with, I have also met and made new friends who are beautiful within and without but trust me there are friends and there are friends. I’m indeed one of those people who keeps just a few number of close friends and though I have over a thousand friends on Facebook I only interact with a few number of them just like you who is reading this.

  I have met some in person and we have become friends and exchangers of ideas based on our interests  whilst others  I would rather not meet physically at all since we do not even in the virtual world interact and that is just me.  To me, human relationships mean so much to me that I have recently been accused of taken friendship too serious. Though laughable as it is, it is the person’s opinion and I believe anyone who thinks like that does not know the actual value of life and living it. Whether an individual is your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend etc, you need to be friends to sustain your relationship. It is therefore imperative that you do not allow yourself to be treated as an option whilst you treat the person as a priority and over the last few months I have come to realize people are offering themselves up as options to others willingly at the very cheapest of prices that under normal circumstances need no bargaining and yet their low cost self prices are still bargained for, leaving them with a price of nothing. I have heard stories from people on how easy it is to get laid via Facebook and other social networks in matters of hours depending upon your ‘wildness’ as they put it.

According to one of my sources he even arranged a threesome for a popular radio presenter and DJ of one of the cosmopolitan radio stations in Accra. According to him he has had his fair share of fun with quite a number of girls who became his friends via Facebook and trust me the story is the same with some friends who have been bold and proud to speak about their sexual escapades via Facebook. According to him some of the ladies actually initiated the move and all the guy has to do is to push the idea. Now the question that has been lingering in my mind is whether these social networks especially Facebook has removed the blanket of morality in terms of sexual orientation and relationships that kept society warm and cozy in years gone by or is it a case of an avenue which was lacking made available for society  to reflect  its true self? One of the things I find amusing and pathetic about this situation is that, though society-wise guys can brag to their friends and point out the ladies they have slept with which I believe is so very wrong, the ladies are also doing the same thing these days. They get to compare notes as though it was a class they are taken and are preparing for final exams.  My interactions with some ladies has revealed that they grade on the guys performance in bed and so you can have five girlfriends sleeping with the same guy because he satisfies their fantasies of what good sex should be like. The most interesting thing about this new craze for one night or one day stands as it is in most of these cases is that we have some married and prominent people who others look up to as role models involved in this sexual charades with the unmarried ones. With all these happening my one Ghana cedi mind cannot just understand why these sites are not referred to sex networks because to me sex is not a social event and as such anything cyber that will create the avenue of sexual exploration of individuals rather than creating an avenue of social bonding which supersedes any kind of networking should not be called a social network. Damn what happened to the chasing, the rehearsals in front of the mirror, the practicing of your speech and tone per sentence,the dressing up and checking your breath, the rejection to see whether you were serious or not, your persistence and perseverance(as my brother-in-law will say), your gentle manliness in spite of the initial rejection and how everything crushes down and you breath a sigh of relief when she says YES?

Now let me pause to have a good laugh(hahahahahahahaha hoooyiiiiiii) a laugh prompted by the notion that some ladies after reading this will start asking themselves whether i know that they have slept with some friends of mine the met through Facebook or not.Hahahahahahahaha. Well. it was a choice you made to get laid and it was his choice to lay you.So whether you are the layer or the ‘layee’, it is you one Ghana Koko.

Well, as usual the clock is ticking and my one Ghana cedi is almost exhausted. If you want to have an open discussion with me tomorrow meet me at the koko base near the Nima Junction and let us drink and nibble as we talk and discuss the way forward. I just hope my one Ghana cedi worth of Hausa koko and kose will be enough for us to share as these one Ghana cedi thoughts of mine

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Size on Sight

Size on Sight

Any guy who says he doesn’t have a shopping list in terms of the physical nature of the girl he dates, has dated or will date is a pathological liar. Aside a cool face, the lady must have sizable mounds on her chest, firm hips and legs supporting a buttocks that is as loud as a vuvuzela blown directly into your ears. For most of we men, nothing beats a well- shaped hip and buttocks well packaged in a nice dress (whether over zealously huge or small). Our heads just tilt and pan like the drooling balls of a Sokoto red goat and trust me some of us will definitely ask the lady “wo tu nunu?” Having said this I had a gut feeling that beyond what a Ghanaian man can offer a lady in terms of material needs and also based of his looks Ghanaian ladies also look out for some physical attributes to judge the size of a guy’s manhood before they decide whether they want to date him or not.

My French colleague yesterday said that she has noticed that a lot of Ghanaian men drive ‘huge cars’ and that in Paris it was literally translated into an inversely proportional relation between size of car and size of manhood and in plain words she said, ’the bigger a man’s car, the smaller his dick.’( With a French accent).  And trust me to ask how that translated to those who walk or ride a bicycle. So armed with this I set out to find out whether Ghanaian ladies considered the size of a guy’s manhood before they enter into a sexual or romantic relationship with him without having the guy to remove his clothes.

I already know there is a theory out there that says the bigger a guy’s buttocks the smaller his manhood and vice versa but trust me some of us have proved that theory wrong.  I do have a sizable buttocks but my manhood is nothing near small( hahahaha allow me to brag small). In your own imagination you can decide to judge its size because I’m not going to tell you whether it is medium, large, extra-large or extra-extra -large since it is not a shirt size you are shopping for. After making a few calls to some lady friends who I trusted to give me answers on this issue, I can’t help but laugh at the references I got. References ranging from the size of the guy’s hands and how straight they are; the longer the fingers the longer the manhood, the stouter the fingers, the stouter the manhood, the crooked the finger, the crooked (straightness) the manhood. Others told me that the kind of shoes worn by the person is also an indication of the type of manhood the guy has. The longer the shoe, the longer the guys shoe, if the guy like to wear Ali Baba and the forty thieves kind of shoe it means the shaft of his manhood is not straight. If his palm size is big and wrist is short then, the manhood size of him is small and it vary according to the difference in shape. Others said they use the distance between the guys thumb and index finger to determine the length. Hmm our ladies are going through a lot just to determine the size of our manhoods if you ask me. All you need to do is get naked and most guys will follow suit. Hahahahahaha but come to think of it does size really supersede performance? Wow! A lot goes on in a lady’s head but at this point all I care to know is any of these hypothesis can be proved.


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