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This little poem is dedicated to my BIG SISTER who has been my Mother and Father on her BIRTHDAY which is today.

Sweet as the tweets of birds at dawn

Humming the chorus of the whistling breeze

Heard by the itchy ears of the green leaves

About the songs the waters of the streams sing to the land


Elegant as the moon in its full queenly regalia

Surrounded by its counsel of stars and galaxy

You brighten every corner with your love and blessing

A true gem to all


Youthful as a candle burning in the thick blankets of darkness

You are a woman after God’s heart

Faith rooted in every cell of you well-crafted body

And every breath you take is praise to the Lord.


Royalty undefined ; daughter of Zion

Nobility is a gown you wear to reflect the grace

Bestowed on you by the heavenly father

Well of beauty and charm that soothes the soul


African beauty with brains

Home maker with a golden touch

Comforter with a big heart

A true blessing for Mawuga


My big Sister

My Friend

My critic

My girlfriend

My Dad

My Mom

Mother of my niece and nephew

Wife of my brother-in-law

My blood.

My family

A woman worth celebrating


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