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I want to trap those silver tears

that rolled down your cheeks

And save them in a bottle as a reminder

Of how my heart broke

to hear the fears of the tears

That rolled down the face that always held the smile

Which removed the cloak of doubt from my heart

And held me spellbound in the belly of our desires

I want to undo the cloth of each broken promise

I clothed you with.

Unlace the laces of doubt I tied with my actions and inactions

For I saw the reflection of your pain in each tear I wiped

And silently wish this would not be framed in time
For the reason for those silver tears haunts me down to the soul

But alas, a new day is birthed out of the egg of darkness

I pray the only time I see your tears is when I make you laugh your soul out.


Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Poems


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