I’m feeling really exhausted today like an old mule placed in a race with foals. My mind seems to be on so many things with no clear cut decision on what to do. I feel trapped and suffocated like a crucified Jesus on a rosary between the huge juicy breasts of a young lady running towards the chapel. Now to be honest this is not the first time I’m feeling this way but I just can’t seem to get myself out of this mood. Some of my friends ( note that I use the word ‘friends’ carelessly in this instance) say I’m no longer caring since I no longer offer them the closure they want. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to them that they are being bloody selfish and haven’t noticed I’m going through some real life changing stuff here. All a brother needs is some space to do some thinking and restructuring in his life. I guess I’ve now discovered the real meaning of being poor. Poverty has nothing to do with money, You are entrenched in poverty if you have people around you who only think of what you can offer them. IMG-20130123-00412[1]

Shit happens and I put it on a Sheet


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